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Quick random update…

I finally found THEE perfect graphic for my site…now I just need to make the layout and ‘personality’ to match.  I have a long weekend ahead of me, so I would love to take some time and come up with something then…

Ok.  Fessing up here.  Karen and Clint are the ONLY ones who know so far, (no I’m not pregnant) but since I STILL can’t find my friggin scale (gave up looking, actually) I cheated and got the tape measure out yesterday and only measured my hips and waist.  I almost FELL to the floor.  I can’t even begin to tell you how SHOCKED I am at the changes.  Ok, so should I keep rambling or spit it out already??  And, mind you, this isn’t even for a FULL months time…it’s not a month till the 6th or 7th of July…

Hips ~ were 52.5 and are now 51…lost 1.5 inches !!!

Waist ~ was 44.5 and is now 41…lost 3.5 inches !!!!!!!!!!

Random thought #3…I take 2 of these huge chewable fiber tablets everyday.  They are called ‘Fiber Choice’.  They are orange flavored and really do not taste bad at all.  Each tablet is 2 g. fiber…so that’s 4 g. fiber per day that I add into my diet.  They run about $10.00 a bottle and last about 1-1/2 months.  I went to Walmart last night to get more and I found something new.  They are still Fiber Choice, but strawberry flavor, and they are ‘weight management’ ones.  They help curb cravings and promotes weight control.  They make you feel full, and it says they promote fat metabolism.  They have Chromax (chromium picolinate - which is supposed to also help in weight loss) and green tea in them.  They are ephedra free.  I bought these this time to try.  They were about 1.80 more than the regular fiber tablets, but I figure if they help, it’s worth it.  They don’t taste quite as good as the orange ones do, and don’t, how do I explain this…they don’t ‘go away’ as fast when you chew them…does that make sense??  They seem chewier or something, but still very down-able.  Here is their website if you wanna check them out Fiber Choice Site

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Dell. Says:

CONGRATULATIONS LISA!!!!!!!! The hard work is paying off… I can’t wait to read how you weigh up when you are allowed to get on those well hidden scales… what a great man you must have to support you and encourage you.
keep up the great work…..


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