Yesterday’s Reverse Raffle that we went to was fun I’m sure I made up the lack of points this week in the alcohol consumption, but it was a blast. I chose one piece of baked chicken, 1/2 of a small potato, salad with no cheese and light dressing and one thin slice of bread for my dinner. We laughed, danced, almost got into a fight with a young kid who got ticked at us for throwing paper airplanes after the bingo / raffle drawings were over…it was quite funny as the plane skidded right across the top of his head. He didn’t take it so well. Even had the nerve to ask me how OLD I was? How dare he. We had fun regardless

So, yesterday I have no idea how I was on points.

Today, I do know. Low. Again. I’m sorry I did try today, but we weren’t home, and then when I was home I was busy…Ok…So I ended up with 20.5 points. At least I hit 20. That is 1025 calories for the day. I spent 75 minutes today with Clint cutting wood. He did all of the cutting, I did all of the hauling and stacking it in the trailer. 75 minutes. I earned 9 activity points there alone. 581 calories burned. Leaving me with a net calorie intake of 544. I don’t think these numbers are completely horrible, as they look low, but it’s only AFTER I have had my workouts or done activity. So I did give Lippy a break tonight, but only for that reason….I would have burned an additional 300-500 calories if I would have done that as well…plus I started re-decorating the girls bedroom today. For $30 I got paint and new border for their bedroom. Most of you already know they are completely horse-crazy, so I found a really pretty light pinkish/tan color paint to keep it bright and girly in there and a really great horse border to put up. So I also spent about an hour and a half today, painting. I won’t even tell you how many calories that burned, because my JENN-MOM will yell at me even more. LOL. But it does look great so far, I can’t wait to see the border up as well!! I will post *cough* pictures *cough* when it’s finished

What I AM looking forward to is tomorrow’s weigh in. Do you know it’s been 3 whole days since I have touched the scale??? I swear that is a record for me. I’m excited to see any change what-so-ever.

I feel better about myself this week. When I look in the mirror or see my reflection, I don’t cringe. I’m not picking out every stinking thing that I hate about myself when I see that reflection. That is a daily thing for me. I’m so critical of myself. I went shopping a few months ago with my cousin, and by the end of the night, I was annoying myself, even, by all the negative things I had to say about myself. I’m not nice to me.

I look forward to another week full of CONTROL. Self-control. Food-control. Weight loss-control. Nice-to-me-control. I need more of this positive feeling and more self-confidence. It’s a lovely thing.