I am feeling chatty, have alot on my mind, so pull up a chair.

A quick YAY ME. Normal day, me and Meggie @ work, then picked up Abbie from school instead of Clint because he had to work late. We met him at Bob Evans for dinner. I had only had 9 pts. before dinner, so I used 10.5 pts. at Bob Evans… Ok, so now for the YAY ME. We get home, I had a popcicle (0 pts. for 2) and sat down to watch a movie. I looked to Clint to tell me that it was ‘ok’ for me to skip Lippy just one night when I asked him if it would be a big deal if I did skip it. Of course he’s all ‘no, a night off isn’t a bad thing’…HUGE sigh of relief, because someone gave me the ‘ok’ to not HAVE to exercise. The longer I sat the more guilty I felt. I was *this close* to falling asleep and it was eating at me. I got up, stomped over to my shoes, grumbled to myself for letting my concious get the best of me….and busted ass on Lippy.

While watching the movie (28 Days, Sandra Bullock…my FAVORITE actress), completely didn’t think of time at all, kept the lights off so I couldn’t see the time on the screen on Lippy, and did 30 minutes. I burned…get this…573 calories! WOOT.

I had found before (and can’t now for the life of me) a site that mentioned that if you want to figure approx. how many calories you are eating per day while just counting points, you multiply the Points you have eaten by 50 and that is approx. how many calories. Well, for how low my points have been the past couple of days (I did miss the 20 pt. minimum today by just 0.5 pt.) multiplied that by 50, and then subtract what I have burned on Lippy and I’m just over 1200 calories TOTAL for the past 3 DAYS. That’s not good. I should be at 1000 - 1200 calories per DAY. Need to change that.

Tomorrow we have a reverse raffle. Al-kee-hol, dancing, should be fun! The alcohol may make up my calorie deficit right there…we’ll see…I should be good though…will regret it Monday morning if I don’t. I’ll let you know how it goes.