No. Guilt. And. Move. On.

I have been lax. Major. I gained back one pound this week. Doesn’t seem like a ton, but when you are trying to lose weight for what seems like constantly, your whole life, eternity (you get the picture), that is just one more pound you have to RE-tackle. Oh well.

What I have done to remedy it all, is I went shopping. Doesn’t shopping just fix it all?? I went to Wal-Mart last night. I got good WW-friendly foods. WW-friendly snacks. Some Smart Ones for my lunches at work. Fruit (which I’m liking less and less, as I’m craving veggies more) for some snacks. Clint and I have agreed that we are going to try one new food / recipe every week. That is awesome, as he won’t try much new at all. Last week it was Guacamole. I LOVE guacamole. That could attribute to the gain. It’s not the healthiest, but dang was it good. This week, I bought a squash, and have a simple recipe from Hungry Girl to make healthy fries from it.

I cannot get enough of Hungry Girl (The link is on the right > over there > ) There is constantly new information, recipes and healthy tips, I love visiting that site. /end plug.

I still owe you all pictures. My bad. I have them already in my computer, sized, everything, but everytime I get a chance to post here, it’s been at work. I will make the time to turn on my computer at home (which is probably going through major withdrawls by this point) and put them here. I have pictures of our wall unit we built, a couple great ones of the girls, who knows what else. I may even slip one in of myself…I’ll surprise you

I also have to work on getting the information up about the numbness in my feet from Lippy. Thank you to all of you for all of your comments and ideas on the cause of this. I found a TON of information on the net finally and am piecing it all together and will post that on my tips page, soon as I can. I want the information out there for any of you that may also be experiencing the same numbness / pain, and not that I’m glad you all are having the same trouble, but I’m very glad it’s not just me…far from it actually. I can’t believe the responses here and what I have read with sooo many people with the same troubles. I was worried I had some kind of condition, myself…so it’s actually a relief for me.

Weather. Let’s talk weather. Ohio weather especially. It. Sucks. I was ‘just’ getting the spring fever thing going on, outside daily, working on cleaning up the yard, and then what?? S-N-O-W (Shitty Nasty Old Whitestuff…hee hee). There is probably 2 inches on the ground. It was just 70 degrees the other day. I want spring weather. I want to walk at lunch-time, I want to get my bike out from the basement and go for bike rides again. Lippy is wonderful, but there is no comparison when you get outdoors!! Know what I want this year? ROLLERBLADES…yeah, I know what you’re thinking… ‘Lisa, they came out 20 years ago, hello???’…yeah, my answer?? I’m scared of them. I tried my brothers out about 10 years ago, and got on the road at my parents and thought it would be a sinch. Well, for one thing, the stopper is on the HEEL, not the toe like roller skating is, my parents paved road is one of the side roads where it’s got the small incline to the center of the road and gradually declines to allow water run-off, right?? I got to the peak of the center, and started rolling downwards towards the ditch (see where this is going???)…yeah, couldn’t stop the suckers. Wiped. Out. I couldn’t have been going 1/4 mile per hour and I swear I could hear the wind zooming by me, I was going so fast. Can’t stop. How on earth do I learn? Maybe in my basement, where no one can see me? Think so. So any rollerblading tips you all would want to share with me would be wonderful. I’m talking gear, how-to, anything! I’m gonna be all padded up like the toilet paper commercials…oh yeah…