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Pictures soon…

I promise to get pictures up here soon. Even a couple of myself may slip in here or there…we got the wall unit that we built, completed. There are 2 drawers that we still need to make, but other than that, it’s complete, along with two adorable brushed silver lamps with dark red square lamp shades that sit on the mantel now. It’s amazing the difference it has made to our house. So I will post soon!!!

Eating is going amazing. Exercising is going amazing, though a bit painful. I did 20 minutes of weight training Monday night and tonight, 30 minutes on Lippy Monday and tonight. I have muscles that I didn’t know were included with your body. Every time I move, a new pain arises. I will work through it though!

I found out a TON of information on the numb foot thing. I am going to get that all organized and post it as well for those of you out there having the same trouble. Basically, it’s the pressure that is put on the ball of your foot cutting off blood flow. There are tips to help lessen the numbness also, so I will try and get that up here tomorrow so hopefully it will help someone else as well, ASAP.

I don’t even want to post this, for fear of jinxing myself, but the scale is down…and very nicely I might add. I hope that you all are having continued success as well!!!

I’m ready for the weekend, already.

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By Lisa
On 03.22.06
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Christina Louise Says:

I miss you … I can’t wait to come home again.

I’ll give you a call some time this weekend (hopefully - probably Sunday, my day of rest … )


Elizabeth Says:

Hey girl! How’s everything going?

I did I re-design of my site… my diet… and my way of thinking. With everyone I know yelling at me to stop concentrating on the scale now and focus on exercise, something clicked. Thanks, hun!

Sending hugs!

Jana Says:

Hey Lisa…Wanted to stop by and invite you over to Jana’s Jibberish to play “The Name Game”…hope to see you there! Lotsa hugs!

Antonia Says:

hey Lisa, yes i am FINALLY getting back to you, bad me, i KNOW!! jana helped set up my blog and i added you as a read!! big hugs and you are doing great!!

Jenn K Says:

Hey YOU!
How’s about an update, huh? hehehe Just checkin in on you to see how it’s going Love ya!

Rebecca Says:

I was websurfing and ran across your site. Congratulations on your progress; that’s great. I read about the foot numbness problem you are having on your elliptical. I have experienced the same type of problem for years — both on elliptical and stair master. I have learned that my problem is clearly related to the type of shoes I am wearing — if it is laced tightly at all, I experience numbness. What’s worked for me has been switching to Keen’s shoes — these are a sort of hiking sandal type of shoe (my style is the Newport — see www.keenfootwear.com). You couldn’t run or jump in them; they are not cushioned/supportive enough. But they work great on the non-impact elliptical and for weight training also, and walking. Since I switched about a year ago, I have experienced no numbness at all — it’s because my toes have room to wiggle around. This might work for you as well. Good luck!

Misty Says:

Hi Lisa,

Do you have your blinkies anymore? I remember a few years ago people were hot linking. I am assuming that is why they aren’t up. Can peons like me still get access somehow?

Thanks so much,

Jenn K Says:

hhhhellllooo? It’s awfully quiet in here… I think I hear myself echo…

Susie Says:

Congratulations on the loss! Can’t wait for an update.

Meg Says:

Hey Lisa,

I think I’ve been following your site for at least a year now if not more and I’ve finally made the leap and actually joined WW, partly due to the success you’ve had! I’ve done the program on my own for three years and haven’t seen any gain, but no losses either and I have to attribute that to having too many days “off” or beers that don’t count. Just wanted to let you know that you are such an inspiration and keep it up! I love reading up on what you’re doing.

Thanks for everything.


Tina Says:

Hi Lisa.
I hope your doing well. I’m up about 15 pounds from my low weight from Summer ‘04. I’m kind of bummed about it. I am going to try and do more weights and I need to cut out my late evening snacking. Hope to see you posting again soon.


Jenn K Says:

Are you ever gonna post again? I miss you!


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