Everyone (that has it) play the Mega Millions for tonight??? 250 MILLION tonight…you know we got ours…at home ourselves, plus we both played in big groups at each of our works. *fingers crossed!!!*

Before I forget, Karen ~ I like to give Jenn a hard time LOL…but about writing everything down…I used to be a real stickler, now it seems I am doing as you said…I will start the day out really strong, writing everything, but by 4:00 p.m. or so, it’s down the drain. I really think that is what is causing my stall…I’m not being strict enough with myself…I gotta get back to it though, I know that is a big downfall for me, and if I don’t watch every point, I’m done for…so here’s to ME AND YOU writing, writing, writing…one week…let’s do this together…commit to one strong week of all day every day writing it down…it’s not like it takes that long or it’s hard, right?? We can handle that After one week it’ll be like routine…

What else…I put a new group of songs on my MP3 player tonight…fun ones Wanna know what they are??? No?? Too bad~

* Missy Elliott ~ Lose Control
* Fat Joe & Nelly ~ Get it Poppin’
* Trick Daddy & Ludacris ~ Sugar
* Pretty Ricky ~ Your Body
* Cher ~ Song for the Lonely (yeah, I know, WW uses it in their new commercials…something refreshing about that one though…sorry for the cheese-ness)
* Gretchen Wilson ~ All Jacked Up
* Josh Gracin ~ Nothing to Lose
* Sugarland ~ Something More
* Brian McComas ~ 99.9% Sure (I’ve never been here before)
* Black Eyed Peas ~ Don’t Lie
* Akon ~ Belly Dancer (This is a really fun song…)

Ok…torture’s over I love any genre of music, as you can see…I am surrounded by music almost constantly (and my girls are hooked as well) until Clint (who is the PAIN IN DA TUKKAS KING of remote stealing and TV watching) comes home…MP3 player comes in handy

I do believe that is it for tonight…I watched my friends daughter tonight and they are getting ready to leave, so I’m gonna grab me my new tunes and hit the Lipster

Oh, and about the layout of my site…I didn’t change anything with my site itself…I do all of the coding for that through FrontPage, but in the inline frame, I had my Greymatter linked to that for just the entries itself, and that’s what I have done also with Word Press…WP just seems a little more fun and organized to use, except the scroll bar showing up across the bottom of the inline frame now is making me crazy…I don’t like little stuff like that…call me anal, but I want it neat…LOL…if there’s nothing to scroll over for, the scrolly thing shouldn’t be there, right?? RIGHT???

Ok…Lippy…stress relief…