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What a great day :)

So, here’s the plan. Karen (who I’m sure you have all seen leave wonderful comments on my site often, and she’s such a great supporter for me) and I have made a pact. For one week, starting tomorrow, Monday, September 20, we have each laid out our plan for the week and are going to get each other through one solid week of no cheating and getting back on track.

My plan is as follows ~

28 pts. per day
100 oz. water
Earn at least 3 Activity points per day

That’s it…simple right? You would think so. I’m NOT stepping on the scale (I swear, pinky swear, cross my heart, with sugar on top) until NEXT Monday. I mean not ONE teeny peek during the week. I am actually pumped about the suspense of it all. Knowing that I’m doing really well each day will surely get me through the next day. I miss the suspense leading up to weigh in day. That may be a bit fun So, for the next week, I hope you don’t mind, but to keep me a bit more accountable, when I e-mail Karen my daily doings, I will copy/paste it here also so that what I’m eating/drinking/doing can be seen and maybe there will be something you all can see also that needs to be improved or that I’m doing well at.

So, here’s todays daily doings for me…I am 8 pts. under but that is NOT a common thing, and I DID make sure I was at the 20 pt. mark. That IS allowed once in awhile Anyways, here it is ~

Breakfast ~
2 over-easy eggs *4 pts.*
2 lite toast *1 pt.*
Lunch ~
Chicken and veggie pita (from craft fair I went to) - (lg. pita bread, grilled chicken, onions, tomatoes, lettuce & mushrooms) *6 pts.*
Dinner ~
Large romaine lettuce salad with grilled chicken, tomato, 1/4 C. Kraft Free shredded cheddar cheese, FF italian dressing *5 pts.*
Snacks ~
2 bites of peach pie *2 pts.*
1/2 chocolate covered pretzel rod *2 pts.*

Water ~
Goal per day 100 oz.
Today ~ 92 oz. (not too bad)

Activity Points ~
Goal per day ~ 3
Today~ 3 hour walk around craft fair *9 pts. earned*
20 minute/3 mile bike ride *2 pts. earned*

Another thing I told Karen, I’m going to be up 20 minutes early each day this week and do 15 minutes on Lippy…on that note, BEDTIME!!!

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Elizabeth Says:

Lisa, you are such a support for me. Do you realize how important you are to me? It’s incredible how someone I’ve never met can give me such a kick in the butt and push me forward. I have the opposite problem from typical dieters, I know. I take things *too* far. When I fall off the wagon, I fall off the other way, which is so frightening for me. Frightening for Jason too. I’m really worried about myself right now, but I’m trying. I needed the eye opener you threw at me on my last entry. I adore you *sooooooo* much. You have become one of my favorite people… Someone I know I can count on when I need you there. Thank you for being you.

I’m getting very serious about eating my points, not over exercising, etc. I’m going to keep my daily entries the way they are, but I’m going to hold myself accountable and add what I’ve eaten, what I’ve exercised, and make sure I am doing it right. I looked into it and it said to figure out your general caloric area for the day, to take each point and times it by 50.

I multiplied my 15 by 50 and… Gasp. I wasn’t aware I was eating so low. Under 900 is considered an eating disorder and I just won’t allow that. I’m too strong for that. I’m working on it… And, I’m soooooo thankful you’re here to help me, push me along, and kick me in the butt when you see I need it.

Congrats on doing the accountable challenge with Karen. She is such a doll. Such a great form of support. She’s definitely someone to keep you going Good luck for both you girls!! Hugs and kisses!


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