I have been doing pretty good..although the weight isn’t coming off, I have managed to maintain…annoying as it is…but today, I started a new weight lifting routine that I found online that is perfectly set up and is detailed as to which day to do what exercises, how many sets and reps of each, etc. THAT is the kind of detail I need to succeed. I cannot just head to the basement (where we have our free weights gym-set-up) and think, ‘Ok, today I’ll do this…’ That will last about 2 days if I’m lucky. Having it all laid out is awesome and it felt SO good!!!!

So, I did 2 hours of some pretty hefty cleaning today, including steam cleaned my carpets (not sure where THAT came from), and that earned me about 7 Activity points, then I did 35 minutes of weight lifting for another 5 AP’s, then I did 7:23 min. on Lippy (only that long cuz I was EXHAUSTED by this point) for another 2 AP’S. I freakin’ earned 14 AP’s today! That feels amazing.

Tomorrow starts day one of the Challenge that Elizabeth set up (at Weight Loss Mommy…her link is in my ‘READING’ list…it is a 2 week challenge, ending August 8. I want to shoot for a goal of 6 lbs. gone by then. Daily, I have to meet the challenge of at least 64 oz. of water, 30 minute walk, no eating after 6:00 p.m., and no aspartame (which shouldn’t be hard since all I drink is water and pretty much no sweetened anything else)…I think it’s definitely do-able

I will find the site again where I found the weight-training schedule and post it here in case anyone is interested. I KNOW there are some awesome cut arms under this flabby stuff…I’m a strong girl and can feel all my muscle, but it’s not defined at the moment at all, and that is SO what I want…sexy to me is being very fit, HEALTHY sized, toned and defined. And DAMN do I wanna be sexy. How’s THAT for motivation?!?!??!!