I have been doing alot more reading and research on my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and found an amazing group that I became a member of… http://pcos-vitaline.com - it’s a support group for women suffering with PCOS and offers amazing information to help with weight loss, reducing PCOS symptoms, speeding up your metabolism (which is typically slower than other women’s because of the PCOS, making it harder for me to lose the weight)…

But the ‘Nibbles & Burns’ that I mentioned in my title are a big part of the speeding up of the metabolism. And as simple as it sounds, really does sound as if it works wonders for metabolisms. The nibbles, which are just pieces of allowed vegetables chopped into pieces that are about the size of 1/4 of a postage stamp (mine are more like 1/2 of a stamp). And you eat ONE every 15 minutes, this helps to keep food in your body so that you do not feel hungry and your metabolism is sped up because it is constantly being fed valuable foods that your body needs. Today for my Nibbles, I brought carrots, celery and red peppers. Peppers especially are known to speed up the metabolism, so today I have red peppers, tomorrow will be orange peppers and Saturday will be yellow peppers. I HATE green peppers with a passion for some reason, but can eat all the others with no trouble.

As for the Burns, you are to switch from Nibbles to Burns after you have lost 3 lbs. or one week of doing the nibbles, whichever comes first. The burns are the same size bites of proteins…chicken, any kind of fish, very lean meats, etc. And still every 15 minutes…one ‘burn’…if you feel hungry you can have veggie soup (homemade, I use the WW garden veggie soup that I have listed in my recipes section), or a TBSP. of FF cottage cheese. There is a list of meals to choose from for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, but the nibbles & burns is the major part of getting my metabolism going again to speed my losses.

Also I have found out that if you add a slice of lemon (or as I do, lemon juice) to your water it’s a ‘cleanser’ for your system and will help your bowels, clearing your skin, etc. So I’m doing that for my first water of the morning right now and see if I see a change.

I’m still avoiding the scale, so I don’t know where I am…I definitely am feeling alot better, physically and about myself in general. It’s amazing how much easier it is to avoid the scale after a couple of days of not obsessing over it. It’s actually a ‘freeing’ feeling…LOL

That’s it for me!!!