Most of you already know there is a ’secret’ that I started a month ago. I’m gonna spill it. The results I’m not sure of as of yet…I’m going to continue with it and see the difference again in a month to see if it’s really helping me along.

Just over a month ago, I found out that my aunt, who goes to the gym pretty regularly was talking with her trainer about how to lose more of the belly fat. Her trainer told her about CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid). It’s a dietary supplement (NOT a diet pill in the least). It is all natural and is found in foods that are often limited while dieting, such as milk, other dairy and beef. He told her to go to GNC and pick it up there. On the bottle it has a dosage suggestion of 1-3 gel caps per day. He told my aunt to take NO LESS than 3 per day. So for the past month I have been taking 4 per day. Two in the morning and two in the afternoon or evening. And you have to take them continuously for one month before you will see the results that CLA can give you. Here are the changes I have seen in the last week or so after having CLA in my system for a month:

I’m not as starving-hungry all the time.

My blood sugar has seemed to be on an even keel. I am Hypoglycemic and have PCOS and from that I am insulin resistant, and tend to get the ’shakes’ from not eating even when I’m not hungry enough to eat. This has subsided.

I don’t feel as fatigued.

I lost 4.5 lbs. this past week after a 2 week stall.

I cannot say for sure that these things are just from the CLA supplements alone, but I can tell you I have been struggling from all of the above for the last few years and it all seems to be chillin’ out a bit recently. Like I said, I do want to see in another month where I am to have definite results, but so far I really like what it’s doing for me. You are supposed to take your waist/belly/hip measurements when you first start taking them, and then again after 30 days and see the changes. I forgot to do this so I don’t have that result for you. Here are the shown benefits that taking CLA can have:

Increases metabolic rate — This would obviously be a positive benefit for thyroid patients, as hypothyroidism — even when treated — can reduce the metabolic rate in some people.
Decreases abdominal fat — Adrenal imbalances and hormonal shifts that are common in thyroid patients frequently cause rapid accumulation of abdominal fat, so this benefit could be quite helpful.
Enhances muscle growth — Muscle burns fat, which also contributes to increased metabolism, which is useful in weight loss and management.
Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides — Since many thyroid patients have elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, even with treatment, this benefit can have an impact on a thyroid patient’s health.
Lowers insulin resistance — Insulin resistance is a risk for some hypothyroid patients, and lowering it can also help prevent adult-onset diabetes and make it easier to control weight.
Reduces food-induced allergic reactions — Since food allergies can be at play when weight loss becomes difficult, this can be of help to thyroid patients.
Enhances immune system — Since most cases of thyroid disease are autoimmune in nature, enhancing the immune system’s ability to function properly is a positive benefit.
Cancer-fighting potential — CLA can suppress cancer development in animals, and in human cancer cell lines in vitro. It inhibits inflammatory compounds that trigger tumor growth and has been shown to shrink some tumor growths.

There are other benefits as well that I read about before I even started to take these, and have yet to find any side effects other than loose stools in a small % of people that take them but subsides after about 2 weeks of taking them. I have had no side effects at all.

This is in no way here to try and get you to take these supplements. When I find out about something that sounds promising, I don’t mind being the guinea pig to try these things out when it could very well benefit myself and anyone out there that may be interested. Just as the Green tea research that I did and posted here. It’s here for your information and for you to make your own conclusions from.

So there it is…the secret you have all been waiting for. Maybe not as ’sparkly’ as some of you may have hoped, but I see definite positive changes, and will continue at least for one more month to determine definite results