My dear ‘monthly friend’ that is…kinda weird…I had NO symptoms of it coming on this month…usually I have ONE day where I want to rip everyone’s face off…and one day of HUNGER HUNGER HUNGER…this month…NOTHING…and today…she’s here What’s even cooler is I weighed in yesterday with the 2.8 loss, and started today VERY strange!! LOL

Today I have gone a bit over with eating, but I’m starting new in the morning again, and will be on track with no problem I’m DETERMINED to lose 2.4 lbs. this next week…that will get me out of the 240’s and for the first time in forever, I will see 230’s I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

I walked 2 miles again today, will do the same tomorrow and Friday and as much as possible this weekend…I have had a question asked a few times, and I wanted to answer it here also, so you all know how I work my Flex Points…(I will also be answering e-mail SOON!!) I have gotten several e-mails asking me how I work my Flex Points…do I use them, don’t use them, use a little??? I don’t even THINK about them…I don’t use ANY. I do nothing but think “I have 28 pts. to use everyday”…that’s it…I think NOTHING about the Flex Points being there, nothing about even WANTING to use my Activity points…nothing…all I use is my daily allowed points, and that’s it You will have to see what works best for YOU though…maybe a few Flex Points, maybe none at all, maybe ALL of them…everyone’s body is different and everyone loses because of different things. Some people need more points/calories to keep their bodies metabolism strong, others need less to keep it strong…it all depends on YOUR body

A friend of mine and I were talking yesterday (*wink* Mel) and we were talking about having fears of losing weight…like will it jump out of nowhere and be all over me again, etc. I didn’t really think I had any fear of losing, but tonight I realized I really do. And all because I went into a store by myself and had a couple guys looking at me, smiling, etc. I smiled, of course, being friendly, but still, I FREAKED. I feel really good about myself now, and I know that radiates positive vibes to others. But I am scared of the attention…really weird…I remember thinking I couldn’t wait until I actually got glances and turned heads again. Now, I’m dreading it…I guess maybe it’s because I’m married and devoted…when I was skinny and turned heads before, I was single…DUH…maybe that’s why…anyways, it was a VERY weird feeling for me, and I’m really not too sure I enjoy it…