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Yaaay!!! I was down 2.8 lbs. tonight That puts me at 54.8 lbs. total 55 LBS!!! I’m so freaking on top of the world tonight…the numbers just keep moving downward!!! I haven’t seen these numbers on the scale, in I can’t even TELL you how long!!! I have NEVER lost this much weight in my entire life, and I’m really feeling like there IS a light at the end of this tunnel

I don’t really have much else to chat about tonight, but I wanted to post my latest weigh-in for ya’ll

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By Lisa
On 09.30.03
At 8:40 pm
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Julie Says:

Woohoo!! Lisa - WTG girl!! You are doing so awesome. Your dediction is paying off big time.

Keep it up It won’t be long now!!


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