I just signed myself up at Leslie Sansone’s Website (Walk Away the Pounds) for her Fall 6 Week Walk Diet…I guess you get a schedule to follow, tips and info in e-mails, etc. It begins September 29th…if you would like to sign up to (It’s Free) Please Click Here!

Today was another perfect OP day…Still haven’t touched my Flex Points. I think I will be sticking to that plan, and not use my Flex Points at all unless for some unforseen reason, I can’t plan ahead, or whatever. So only in a dire-need situation will I even THINK of touching them. My loss has really sped up this past week and I think that’s part of it. I’m BUSTIN for weigh-in day…LOL

We just finished doing some canning tonight. Since the Salsa is done (we will be making another batch soon though) we did some spaghetti sauce tonight We picked two 5-gallon buckets full of tomatoes from the garden today, and strained them, cooked it down added our ingredients (Clint made his own recipe and it’s AWESOME) and we got 18 Quarts of spaghetti sauce done today The lids are ‘popping’ as we speak I love that sound…makes me feel as though we accomplished something…I know I’m goofy…it’s just so nice to know that we planted those seeds, grew the plants, and can pick them and make our own food for PENNIES…it’s awesome.

Anyone who is reading this who knows a bit about, or has done any kind of a marathon can you please leave me a tag or comment with any info you may have on what I need to do to start training to participate in one? I am going to do some reading on the internet, but I have figured it is very reasonable that I can be close to goal by spring, and I want to have a goal to be in a marathon of some sort at that time PLEASE leave me some info thank you