We had such a nice night tonight We got up early and went to a large outdoor flea market thing that was this weekend…found a couple cute things… LOVE garage sale-ing stuff

Then we came home, took the girls to my parents, and Clint and I had our date We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner and YUUUUMMMM…I had only eaten 8 points before dinner (didn’t have dinner till almost 6:30…so I was STARVIN!!) so I had 20 points for going out tonight (STILL haven’t touched my Flex Points this week), and I did AWESOME. I ordered the Alice Springs Chicken…it’s 16 points. Well, after my salad (and dipping my fork in the dressing, instead of pouring it on…yay me!!) and just a few of Clint’s appetizer of Cheese Fries, I was already feeling full, so I only ate 1/2 my Chicken meal. So, I had points to spare even We went and walked around Lowe’s and Wal-Mart, and took the long way home, it was SO nice…came home and I had a LF Klondike sandwich for 2 points. So, I have 3 banked tonight, even AFTER going out for dinner Planning ahead is SUCH a life-saver I’m SO proud of myself this week, I just can’t stress that enough…I have truly even surprised myself.

I felt SO good when I was getting ready to go out tonight. I didn’t like the jeans I normally wear, as they are getting big, and I don’t like that ‘big clothes’ feeling anymore…so, I reached in my closet, grabbed another pair of jeans, and put them on…and the clincher?!?!?! THEY FIT!!! Now, let me give you just a bit of background on these jeans…the jeans that I wore, are 6 YEARS old…and yet, I have NEVER worn them! They are completely BRAND NEW. I bought these jeans (and another pair the same but lighter color) 6 years ago after I had lost weight, and before I realized I was FINALLY pregnant with Abbie, our first daughter. I bought the jeans, and never was able to wear them of course because of pregnancy. Well, I am now 10 lbs. lighter than I was then, and am JUST NOW able to wear them Also goes to show you what 2 pregnancies can do to your body. I’m below my pre-pregnancy weight and still am JUST being able to fit into clothes from then

It’s late and I’m chatty, so bear with me…LOL…

We were out today and one good thing happened. At the flea market, I had walked past a full-length mirror, and caught a glimpse of a not-so-skinny woman. I immediately felt ‘blah’ about myself of course, UNTIL I realized, it wasn’t even ME…it was the lady BEHIND me…ROFL…it was SO weird!!! The glimpse I caught was like seeing the ‘old’ me…and I immediately thought, ‘Man, and I thought I was beginning to see a difference’…made me realize how far I had come though

But then all night tonight on our date…I was feeling pretty good about being dressed nice, out in public with ‘my man’…then I would catch that reflection of myself in a window, or mirror at the store…oh, and in the surveylance camera in Gander Mountain…and I do have to say that me not being happy with what saw is a GOOD thing…I’m GLAD that I’m not happy with what I saw…I don’t want to be back where I was 6 months ago, and beginning to get comfortable with how I look because I had lost so much weight initially. I’m NOT comfortable with me and I AM going to keep doing this until I GET to where I want to be.

I made a new blinkie rack tonight, I think it turned out cute…you can click on my ‘reads’ to see it in use, and/or you can click on the ‘Blinkies 4 U’ link to pick it up for yourself Just please be sure to link back to me if you decide to use it