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Wow…I seem to be mighty chatty lately, aye??? LOL…Well, I got my new clothes delivered today…I just went in to try them on. Now, if you remember, I had ordered 2 shirts and pants that were to fit me right now, and a Cardigan zip up sweater a size small so that I could fit in it by fall…oh and a bra…but that is fine…LOL…well, the 2 shirts and capris that are supposed to fit me now are HUGE…holy moly!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! It is the same size I ALWAYS order from JCPenneys…I’m still like WOW…so, I am going to return those and get a size smaller…and then the cardigan that is supposed to fit my by fall FITS NOW!!!! ROFL…I’m in complete shock right now…LOL…

Although I wasn’t seeing the pounds come off, I WAS seeing inches going down as I wrote here before, but I haven’t tried on any new clothes what-so-ever and am SHOCKED now that I see the actual difference!!! I even wore a pair of jean shorts yesterday that I haven’t been able to wear…they give that ‘camel-toe’ effect because they are so tight??!?!? (give you wedgies, not just in the rear…ROFL)…and I put them on yesterday to try them because it’s the only pair of jean shorts I own that aren’t WAY too small right now, and I couldn’t believe it…

I think I have talked about this a long time ago here, but do any of you believe in mind over matter??? Like you can MAKE your body do something??? Like losing the weight…I swear, when I start feeling positive and have that ‘I can do it’ mode happening, I lose like incredibly fast…and when I get all down and nasty on myself, I gain or maintain…might be coincidence, but I am beginning to truly believe that I can control myself AND my body Something to ponder

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