Sorry this has been more on a personal level here lately, instead of weight-related…things are just the same with my Weight Watchers…doing really well journaling and staying in points…although my water intake needed some work, I am doing better with that now And, while I’m still avoiding the scale, my clothes are fitting better!! So, even if the scale isn’t moving, I know I’m down in inches for sure I need to re-take my measurements again I have been walking at LEAST one mile a day now, except on Sunday I didn’t…my usual is at least 2 a day though, but I make sure I have that one mile in at least.

We got Megan’s Video EEG set up for early Monday morning. I am going to take her by myself and be in Cleveland by 8:00 a.m. Monday. I will be there by myself with her for that day, and Clint and Abbie will have a ‘daddy day’….she LOVES when she gets a whole day with Daddy, so he wants to do a few fun things with her, then they will come to the hospital on Tuesday and spend the day with us, then I will drive home Wednesday morning when we are discharged. So it should work out good I’m anxious to find out her results and move on to the next step in taking care of this. Right now I’m almost thankful that so far it’s just showing seizures…I do know that it could be SO much worse than this…but all of us know that when it’s your own child, no matter what they are going through it’s horrible

So, that’s the scoop on us!! I hope to get back to more weight-related news soon HOpe I’m not boring you all!!! LOL