GET OUTSIDE!!! I am NOT an outside person…I love being out there, but I can’t STAND the spiders and flying critters…but for some reason today, I ENJOYED being out there! I didn’t want to come in! Megan and Abbie were both napping, so I went out and helped Clint get the stall ready for our cow to come home Can’t wait to have her here…so we worked out in the barn, then I cleaned out the main part of the barn, then I washed our bicycles and scrubbed a water play/sand table that we had kept outside that had bees nests in them and all kinds of lovely things growing in it…*GAG*…The garage sale was postponed until next weekend because of rain…so I’m still working on getting things together…kind of nice to have some extra time…ANYWAYS…I was outside all morning/early afternoon, and I didn’t ONCE think about munching/eating…It’s like a habit to walk past the kitchen and feel the need to stop and ‘peek’ into the pantry or fridge for a snack…today was great…wasn’t anywhere near the kitchen, LOVING the outdoors, and even got a little color hahaha…so, point here is…GET OUTSIDE!!!! Get your mind on other things…really does do wonders