Wow, I’m still a bit stunned and holding myself back from the piles…here’s the scoop…two words…GARAGE SALE!! We are having one in just over a week…not this weekend coming, but next. So…here’s the deal…I watched Dr. Phil yesterday (is it just me, or does he seem to be having ALOT of weight loss shows lately??) and he was telling this one woman that he always tells people that if you have gone from a 24 to a 20, GET RID of the clothes that are too big for you!! His reasoning (besides the obvious) was, that if you are on a budget and you only have clothes that go to an 18, you KNOW you don’t have money to get new clothes, so you won’t LET yourself get past an 18…makes sense doesn’t it??

So, since we are having a garage sale, I really wanted to get rid of some of my clothes anyways…I seriously have things in my closet that have been in there for at LEAST 10 years…not kidding…sad ain’t it???? I went through my entire side of the closet, and I came out of my closet with 3 HUGE stacks of clothes!!! They are all too big/old/ugly and I don’t want to look at them anymore…I now probably have about 50 empty hangers…YEE HAWWW!!! All I know is, I hope to goodness that people with HORRIBLE taste come to the sale and buy up all my clothes…hahahahaha…that’s not nice, but true…LOL…I want these things outta here, and then *maybe* I will be able to go shopping and get some clothes for summer that actually FIT me…all of my summer clothes from last year are ridiculously huge, it’s nice, but annoying because I have NOTHING that fits me like they should now…

I guess I need to break down and not spend all of the garage sale $$$ on Clint and the girls, and actually get a few things for myself Cant’ wait!!!

I did keep ONE pair of jeans though that are HUGE…they are the jeans that I wore at my biggest size…they are a BIG 24 (they are relaxed style, so they really are a bit bigger than a *normal* 24 would be) and these suckers were TIGHT on me…I hold them up now, and I seriously could probably use them to completely block out the sun through my bedroom window…I will NEVER get rid of those…I want to always remind myself where I’ve come from and how much I have done for ME!!!! *Thanks Amy*