Well…I’m THRILLED to report this morning that I am down 2 LBS.!!! I saw 248.5!! That means I need just 1.5 more by Monday, and I’ll be darned if I will let it pass this time…I wanna be at 246.5 or lower even!! LOL…I can’t WAIT to see what Monday brings. I have really been focusing on things that I know are making my body drag butt on getting to that 50 lbs. mark that seems so far off yet so close EVERY week.

I have noticed, like I said before, that I’m not so much and emotional eater, but I eat when I get bored. So, I have kept the rule of no food while here at the computer, and also, when I get the munchies and I’m not truly hungry, I grab myself a piece of gum, a large glass of water, and I CLEAN my house…LOL…I have actually gotten so used to this routine now, that my house has been amazingly clean lately It drives me nuts when it’s even a teeny bit messy…so I guess I killed 2 birds with one stone on that change huh? It’s kinda nice

I have some Wal-mart to do today, and straighten up the house a bit…then I’m going to do my 2 mile WATP tape…seems to be helping me Dinner is leftovers from last night (also something that’s been nice since I have been watching super close)…there is always left-overs..usually, I would go back for 2nds even if I wasn’t hungry, just because it was good. *patting myself on back*….hahahha

Here’s a NSV (non-scale victory) for me also…I had to run into town the other day while Abbie was in school…and I saw the *golden arches*…my car just kinda ‘turned in’ and I sat in the drive thru, waiting my turn. Well, low and behold, there is an ‘escape’ route You don’t HAVE to stay in the drive-through lane once you get in there, did you know that?!?!?!?!? hahaha…I drove my ever-thinning self right outta there, and did it with a HUGE grin on my face And, off I went back to work, and got myself a nice *gulp* yummy glass of water hahaha…it’s the little things, right??????????

Have a great day everyone!!! P.S. New song again (working on adding it now) I love ANY type of music…so you will get used to the weird mixture you will hear here hahahah