Picture this…leaving the house, kids staying at home with daddy. Get in the car, driving down the road in the dark, jamming to your new 80’s “hair band” CD that you made. Reach over (in the dark) for the zipper on your purse, unzip it, find your tube of lipstick (it’s a squeeze tube) open it, put some on your finger, and apply it to your lips…few seconds later….NUMB!!!!!!!! ROFL…I did this last night!!!! What did I grab?!?!?!?!? BABY ORAJEL!!!!!!!!!!! I was on my way to get Subway for dinner (two-for-tuesday and I grabbed the wrong tube (I knew I smelled SOMETHING)….HAHAHAHAAH…I was so embarrassed going in to Subway, hoping they couldn’t tell…hahahahaha…Yep, that’s me…I’m a mommy…

Here is today’s Weigh-In Wednesday

Playing Favorites
1. What is your favorite heathy food? Hmmm…Subway’s Turkey & Ham Sub …Hey, it’s on the 7 under 6
2. What is your favorite “treat” food (secret indulgence, if you will) ? ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!
3. What is your favorite way to exercise? Definitely walking…what could be more simple