Progress Prompts are early this week

Did you take any PE (physical education) class when you were in school? Did you enjoy it? Were you athletically inclined? Have you ever participated in a team sport? In an individual sport? What sports have you tried, and what sport would you like to try/learn? Do you enjoy/are you easily inspired from watching sports?

Well, I *DID* take PE in school…was a requirement…but I failed it…ROFL…how sad is that…mind you, I was a STICK in school, I thought I was so fat, and I was so embarrased to be out there in front of people doing physical things, so I HATED it…I would refuse to dress for class…therefore failed…LOL… I am not a competitive person at all, so sports were not my thing.

The only sports I have done is softball…I was on a softball team through elementary/jr. high years. Individual sports, really only running. I used to be a pretty good runner, and would love to be back in that place again.

I can’t think of a sport I would actually like to learn…like I said I’m not a very competitive person, so it’s hard for me to be in a ‘team’ environment…

I am inspired by watching weight lifting, aerobics, those types of things…and I LOVE to watch baseball (Cleveland Indians ONLY though