Here�s todays Weigh-In Wednesday~

It’s Sabotage

1. Do you keep anything in your home that is off program? If so, what is it? If not, how have you kept that up? Yes…usually Clint will get Little Debbie snacks for his lunches…but we keep them on the very top shelf of the pantry where they are not at ‘eye level’ and I avoid them…

2. Do you have people around you that sabotage your efforts? If not, do you have offline encouragement? No not at all…everyone around me is amazingly supportive and want to see me succeed!! Not once has anyone ever said ‘c’mon one isn’t gonna hurt!’…nothing…I have amazing family and friends that I thank God for everyday!!

3. Where are you most easily sabotaged? For instance… at work, at home? Well, since I work from home AND in the office, it’s definitely harder at home…at the office there’s constantly something going on and my mind stays off eating…but at home when I’m sitting here I can grab a snack and have it in front of me at the computer while I’m working. So, at home, I made a new rule that there is to be NO food at the computer (cept my water of course) and when I get that feeling of munchin’ I get up and start cleaning…that ALWAYS helps me