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Surgery Eve :)

Well, it’s now Surgery Eve…and I’m nervous as heck…LOL…weird thing is, I’m not nervous about the surgery…I’m worried about the girls…even though it’s only 3 hours or 4 hours that my mom will have them, I’m worried too about my recovery and having to have help with them. I like to make sure that I can take care of things on my own…I don’t like to have to ask for help or even admit I that I NEED help…LOL…I am very independent in that aspect…oh well, guess I gotta suck it up and take the help, or I won’t heal quickly either…LOL…

Anyways, I just wanted to post one more time before I go tomorrow, and let you know I probably won’t be here tomorrow, or maybe even through the weekend…depends on how I”m feeling, so I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!


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By Lisa
On 01.30.03
At 12:06 pm
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Twin Says:

Congrats on the loss! Can’t wait to see that tatoo! Good for you!
Keep up the good work!

Dani Says:

I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you well tomorrow!

Sasoozie Says:

I know what you mean about asking for help, it’s a toughie, but you can do it!

Elizabeth Says:

Hope all went well for you hon! (((hugs)))


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