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Wednesday….Hump day (*giggle*)…almost Friday 2 more days till my surgery…getting a bit ancy now. I have a list of things that I can and cannot do tomorrow (the night before) to be ready for it. Well, now Abbie is really sick and Clint is coming down with whatever it is too…and if I end up sick, there more than likely will be no surgery…so please keep me in your thoughts/prayers that I stay healthy and can have this done…I want it over with so badly…I would really appreciate it

We’re at work today, should have stayed home and worked from there instead of dragging Abbie in, but I needed to be here and make sure all is caught up before Friday since I won’t be here…so I’m done now and just wanted to post a bit

I also wanted to thank everyone for all the great e-mails and messages on my tagboard, and comments in my blog…they are all so encouraging…I just love it

OH!!! And, don’t ask me how, but when I did my weight chart yesterday, I put that I have lost 48 lbs…well, when I subtract 248 (current weight) from 297 (start weight)…does it not equal 49 LBS GONE?!?!?!? That means only ONE more pound to 50 gone LOL…kinda nice surprise huh?? LOL

I kinda let myself have a bit more to eat yesterday, since I had weigh-in in the morning, and I ended up going over my points by 5…not too bad…cuz I also got 3 AP’s (Activity Points) in, plus some that were banked, and will have more AP’s tonight too Did you know you can actually use *ahem* ’sexual activity’ to earn AP’s???? AMEN to that :) ROFL…something I never even thought of counting But, YES it does burn calories :):) Now that’s MY kinda exercise

Ok…nuff of that…

Here is todays Wednesday Weigh-in

Emotional Eating

1. What have you discovered about yourself through evaluating your relationship with food? I’m really not sure about this one…I’m not an emotional eater, or anything like that…but I have struggles with eating just like everyone else…

2. Have you been able to identify any reasons that you are an emotional eater? Do you eat because of boredom, stress, loneliness, emotional issues or to fill a void? I have noticed that I am more prone to eat when I am bored…but I don’t think I’m really an ‘emotional’ eater. If I am upset, or emotional about something, eating is something I generally DON’T do…I think the boredom eating is more just habit also…

3. What’s the biggest change you’ve made in your daily food intake to organize your eating? Are you planning each meal for the day ahead of time? I think to organize my eating, My Journal has been the BEST tool for me. I couldn’t do this if I didn’t journal. And I do plan meals ahead of time. I will have a couple meals in mind for whatever my points may allow me that night for dinner…that really helps so that I’m not just scrounging for something quick and end up going over for no reason. Separating snacks into individual servings and marking the bags with the point values also really help (when I stay on top of that)…

Have a wonderful day everyone!! Hope you all are doing well and staying positive!!!!!

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