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YAAAAY Me!!!! I�m down 3.5 lbs. this week!!!! I didn�t go to weigh-in this morning, because Abbie is still pretty sick L So I weighed myself here at home�.my scale actually shows me down 4 lbs. But it�s consistently � lb. lighter than the weight watchers scale shows. I�m SOOOO excited that this stupid plateau is FINALLY over�.it was about a MONTH where I had no good losses, and this is such a good feeling!!! Now I only need 2 more lbs. next week, and I can get my tattoo!!!!! I have been trying to find a good, trustworthy place around here to have one done, and I think I�m going to end up in Willoughby, about an hour from here�my brother is going to get one at the same time, so it�s gonna be a fun time

Hee hee heee�.I�m just still all giggly over the scale�.I will probably say this from here on out until I hit 220, but I don�t even REMEMBER the last time my scale was lower than the 250�s The next weight down that I can remember being is 220. I worked at a small grocery store here in town, and I remember being 220, because I was the same weight as Clint�s best friend at the time. I remember them talking in the car one day, and he mentioned that, and I just sat in the back seat not saying a word�and I remember how bad I felt when I realized I was the same size as him. Mind you, he�s about 5� shorter than me�so at 220, I still was nowhere NEAR huge�LOL�one good thing about being tall. But I can�t wait to hit that weight again.

I keep thinking what a difference this is�when I was gaining and was this weight I felt HUGE�now that I�m losing and I�m at this same weight, I don�t feel so big anymore�must be a mind over matter thing huh?? Or that I am succeeding this time to achieve this weight, and not failing and have REACHED this weight???

My WATP (Walk Away the Pounds) tapes are supposed to be delivered today :) I can�t wait! And we are home again today too, as I mentioned, Abbie�s still sick�so that will be nice for me to be here and be able to try them out Hope they deliver early

Well, that�s it for me for now�.My internet connection is all goofy and I can�t get my FTP to connect so that I can upload my weight loss charts and all, and I can�t post this in greymatter, so I am writing this in Word then will paste to greymatter as soon as the connection starts working again�.LOL

Have a great day everyone!!! Hope you all are doing well and staying positive!!! (((HUGS)))

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