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Clint and I had an awesome time last night We took the girls to my parents house, and off we went for our ‘date’ We went to Mentor, and stopped at a couple little stores to look around, then headed for dinner…after checking a few restaurants that all had 45-60 minute waits for non-smoking, we ended up at a great steak house…I had a delmonico steak and baked potatoes, and I’m sure I blew my points yesterday, but I’m not even gonna stress about it…it was a night for US and that’s what mattered My mom had Megan to sleep at 8:00 p.m. when I called to check on the girls, so I was relieved, until at the end of dinner, we get a phone call on the cell phone…LOL…Megan woke up and obviously didn’t see me, and they couldn’t get her to calm down…poor honey. So, we paid for dinner and headed back to get her She was fine once she saw me That’s an awesome feeling She loves her momma

Today is SuperBowl of course, and we were supposed to have some friends over for a party for the game, but one of their kids is sick, so looks like it’s just me clint and the girls Probably better for my points though…LOL…we were gonna make these kick @$$ hoagies that Clint makes, and chips and veggie tray…so now we will probably just do a few little munchies that won’t be as bad for me as the hoagies would have

OH! And…Clint found out from some guys at work that there is a Stouffer’s Thrift Store about an hour from us where you can get Lean Cuisine, and regular Stouffer’s microwave meals for less than 1/2 price than you would in the store…So we took us a little ride yesterday, and I got like 20 frozen Lean Cuisines, he got an entire case of french bread pizza’s and Abbie got a small case of mac-n-cheese dinners and I got 2 skillet sensations type meals with the meat already in them for their dinners for a couple nights, those were buy one get one free …LOL…so he will probably be having his pizza’s today But we got all that for like $50.00…it was awesome and I’m set for my lunches and an occasional dinner…

A couple people at Dotti’s sent me a list of over 300 weight loss quotes/sayings…some of them are too long for blinkie-making, but there are a TON that I have never even heard of that will make awesome blinkies!!! So, probably during the game later on, I will take some time and get more made I’m having fun making them

I don’t know if I talked about this already or not, but my surgery for my left hand is scheduled for this coming Friday…found out this past Friday that I will have an imobilizer (not sure exactly what it will be like) on my hand, plus my arm in a sling for AT LEAST 3 days…so more than likely I won’t be here much over next weekend, but we’ll see…I hope I can update ya’ll on it…so I found out also that the recovery time is alot longer than I was planning on, so I’m getting a little anxious for this now…and scared about having the girls to take care of and everything on my own starting Monday…I’m sure I’ll do fine, it will just take some adjusting…

I think that’s all the updates for me for now I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!!
Oh, and GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!


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