Can we talk TV?

Ok..quick little babble here about TV lately…LOL…did you all watch the new American Idol tonight??? Did you also laugh your BUTT off for over an hour and a half???? Least it may have gotten us activity points, right??? HAHAHAH…These people were UNREAL…how can they (and others around them) REALLY think they had enough talent to do that to themselves?? Then alot of them, you KNOW they were there to purposely make a fool of themselves…LOL…whatever…JENN shouda been there and showed them what they were REALLY looking for …THEN…I see a commercial for a new reality show…’Bride-Zilla’…C’MON!!! This one looks like a group of spoiled nasty bratty women ‘brides’…the thing that gets me with the new reality shows that are ‘couple-oriented’ (like Joe Millionaire) is that, does ANYONE take marriage seriously anymore??? Is it really THAT much of a game?? A chance at 15 minutes of fame on TV?? I can’t believe that they could have that little respect for marriage, and a marriage in God’s eyes, and make it such a game…to see if you can ‘win’ a man or a woman, millionaire or not, is just wrong…it’s like a high school game, and it’s really sick to me…there are no values anymore… Sad for my girls to have to grow up in a time where it seems to be less and less important They will KNOW the real meaning of love and marriage

Ok then…LOL

Well, staying OP is going awesome once again after my one day of slipping up I have been at my lowest point in my range since and doing wonderful…I have to admit though that I have not exercised in 3 days Tomorrow I’m back at it and STRONG!!! I weigh in tomorrow night and am seriously wondering what will show…I haven’t the slightest idea what it’s gonna be like…so keep everything crossed for me…no matter what that IM (iron monster *my scale*) says about me, I FEEL wonderful hahahah…so there….take that you nasty thing…hahahah…

Alrighty then…I ranted, chatted, and now I’m sleepyheaded hee hee…
I will post more tomorrow after my weigh in…Have a wonderful night and day!!!