TMI (too much info) may follow…read at your own risk…LOL

This is unreal, BUT for those of you who know me, you know about my PCOS bout, and all the problems that go along with it…WELL, seems Miss PCOS is gettin her BUTT kicked all over around here, cuz for month #2, I’m having symptoms of starting my period!!! Next Sunday will be 28 days since my last period started, and yesterday the symptoms started, and it’s still here now hahaha…as crappy as I feel I’m THRILLED that losing this weight is seriously getting my body into a NORMAL state!!!!! I can’t believe this…and I just cannot get over how POSITIVE everything has been in my life lately!!! It’s just amazing…*knock on wood* and Thank You God!!!

The bad part of my period rearing it’s ugly head, is, I am over points today…LOL…not by much, and I’m sure I have gotten enough Activity Points banked to cover my mistake today, since I don’t use them…but STILL…I just could NOT get enough to eat today…I swear my points were FILLED by 4:00 p.m. hahahaha..that NEVER happens!! I had to have a 3 pt. Smart Ones meal for my dinner, and then had some baked lays…so really I’m only like 5-7 points over…but I don’t like that I did journal every single thing though…won’t help me if I lie in my journal will it??? hahahah…

Oh well, NGAMO (no guilt, and move on)…I’m just so excited about Miss Auntie Flow coming to visit, that I had to post one more time before bed!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! My big 4 year old is starting pre-school tomorrow…:) She’s SO excited…I was talking to her about it and I mistakenly said ‘daycare’ and she stopped me immediately and said, ‘Daycare is for BABIES…I’m going to PRE-SCHOOL!!’…hahaha…she just can’t wait!!! So hopefully I can keep my dignity and not bawl when I drop her off … it’s only for 3 hours…it’s only for 3 hours…it’s only for 3 hours…haahahahah

Oh, and I have to get this in here…I still have some e-mails that I have received from some of you, that I am going to reply to probably tomorrow…so please know that I have received them…but I want to thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart…You all are one of the reasons that I am staying so motivated and succeeding on this journey…and to hear that *I* inspire YOU, is just flooring to me…I visit others sites so often to keep that motivation up, because those people inspire ME, and I never thought that MY life and journey would make others feel the same way!! hahaha…It’s such a great feeling, and I really appreciate you all taking the time to write to me and let me know this…it really makes my journey even more worth while!!

Have a wonderful one ya’ll!!! (((HUGS))) & God Bless!!!