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‘Calm’ before the storm?

Yesterday I mentioned how he and I both felt so ‘calm’ on Tuesday.  Yesterday, early on, pretty much the same.  There were a bit of nerves but more just anxious to get him to the Dr. and see what he had to say.  Here’s the deal (so far)…

Seems in his ER report of the CT scan results, they listed ‘Cancer’ pretty clearly.  Thing is, things just don’t add up.  First, he DOES have a ‘little’ diverticulitis on his left side, but not enough to concern us or to have symptoms like he does.  Second, the right side where all of his pain is, is definitely NOT diverticulitis.  The Dr. said that most of the upper colon is inflamed and he’s very unsure of what would be causing this. 

What I didn’t want to mention early on, was the mention to us of Cancer.  The ER dr. told us that is what they are fearing at this point.  Clint’s Dr. last night said, and I quote ‘Something doesn’t smell right’…yes, Clint showered before he went in.  What he meant was, Clint is only 32 years old.  He’s a VERY healthy man.  He doesn’t smoke, only drinks socially (we’re talking less than once a month) he’s not overweight, he’s not sedentary in any sense of the word…it just doesn’t add up.  I realize that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for there to be cancer in such a young healthy man, but at this point, his Dr. doesn’t want to buy that diagnosis.  Our next step right now is the colonoscopy and we have to wait to hear from the Dr. that will perform that to find out when it’s scheduled for.

One other thing that the Dr. mentioned last night was Clint’s liver.  When we were at the ER they told us there were ’spots’ on his colon that showed on the CT scan.  Now his Dr. yesterday told us there were spots on his liver.  ER never ONCE mentioned Clint’s liver.  So there’s another thing we’re unsure of.

I didn’t go with Clint to the Dr. yesterday, and I feel like the ‘mom’ in me is taking over and I want to call his Dr. office and make sure they put an ‘URGENT’ on his colonoscopy (or ‘Ass-camera’ as my brother lovingly refers to it…HA).  But that just makes Clint nervous and the last thing he needs is a nagging wife making us look crazy to the Dr. office…oh well.  So for now, I’m trying to be rational, and patient. 

In between bouts of sobbing, I am trying to remain calm and strong, and keep all of this from the girls until we know for sure.  Abbie knows what cancer is and what it can do.  Not something I even want to burden her mind with until we know for sure what’s going on.  I just keep reminding her and Megan everyday to keep daddy in their prayers for him to get healthy and strong again.

I’m sorry these past few entries are not the norm, but like I said before, there’s nothing right now that we can do except pray, and what better way to get more and more prayers for my special man, than to put it out here…Thank you all for that.

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Heather Says:

Hi… a long time ago I put your page as a favorite and just happen to come across it today and I’m glad I did. What your husband is going through is EXACTLY what my husband experienced 5 years ago. Has your husband had any blood in his stools? Any strong smelling gas or diff. bowel movements? My husband has ulcerative colitis which is like Chrones disease. Both would be things I would think could be going on with your husband. It makes the colon imflammed, causes LOTS of pain and cramping, discomfort etc…. I’ve gone through lots with my husband now from this and I would LOVE to chat with you if he turns out to have one of these. I don’t want to scare you with what has happened since if he doesn’t have one of these things but I’m praying for you and hope it turns out ok. Oh yea, my husband was also HEALTHY, never NEVER sick… worked physical labor daily, not lazy, slim, no smoking, no drinking, no drugs… was only 26 years old and seemed perfectly fine and then BOOM sick as a dog and still is. You guys are in my prayers. Please email me if you have questions or concerns I would love to share my story with you….

Susie Says:

{{{{{LISA & CLINT}}}}} You guys have been in my thoughts and prayers since last night when I read these entries. I wanted to post, but my computer pooped out on me. I agree with Heather that ulcerative colitis might be a possibility. My mom was diagnosed with it this year, so I’m familiar with the symptoms. I hope and pray that the doctor can figure out what exactly is going on and that the right treatment can be given asap.

I know you must be frightened. I’ll pray for God’s peace to flood your heart and mind. I’ll be watching for an update and I’ll keep you guys in my prayers. {{{{{MORE BIG HUGS}}}}}

Mary Says:

Almighty God our heavenly Father, graciously comfort your servant Clint in his suffering, and bless the means made use of for his cure. Comfort his family & fill his heart with confidence that, though at times he may be afraid, he yet may put his trust in you; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

My mom also has Colitis. Nasty nasty stuff. She passed pure liquid blood for hours at the ER. It came on like diarhea cramps with in a matter of 20-30 minutes.

Stephanie Says:

Dear Lisa,
I know it must be hard to have to speculate as to what’s going on right now. Please don’t let it wear you and Clint down. Trust that your faith will give you the peace and strength you need to get through all of this. It must be so hard waiting for tests and results. I pray for a speedy diagnosis and treatment. I also hope that Clint is feeling comfortable until the time comes for treatment to begin.

Dell. Says:

Dear Lisa, I’ve been away for 5 weeks [no internet] and got home last night in pouring rain. So today I’m checking on my favourite blog girls and now read of your horror and pain. How terrified you both must be. It brings a huge kick in the guts feeling every time you think of it. Sounds like the Drs are on the ball and will diagnose pretty soon. Don’t forget…. if it is cancer it is NOT a death sentence. It is curable but it is all the shit you have to suffer first to get cured.
Keep your chin up and we are all thinking of you. Do you have family back up ? I won’t pray for you as I’m an athiest but will do my very best to invoke good health for Clint.
Take care, sweetie.
email me if you ever want to have a rant against life or just about anything….

Elizabeth Says:

(((HUGS))) I’m sorry I haven’t been here for more lately but I’m here now! You have my phone #… it’s still the same. I am always here if you need/want to talk. All of you are in our prayers! xoxo

Tina Says:

I’m praying for you guys!

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in August.


Shelly Says:

Lisa, I just popped in today after not checking in here for about 2 week. I am so sorry to hear what you all are going through and I just wanted to tell you that you are all in my prayers. Please know that I am thinking of you all and praying that all is well.

Susie Says:

Just thinkin’ about ya…

Donna Says:

I haven’t touched base with you in such a long time but recently you posted on our group your web site. I’ve been reading your blogs today and can’t believe these latest ones I’ve read. I’m praying for Clint and you guys are definitely in my thoughts. I know that God has given you the strength to get through whatever he throws at you, but I have to admit that I’m hoping that you won’t have to test that strength.

Mary Says:

Still thinking and praying about you guys……..

Melissa Says:

Hi Sweetie, I popped by to see how Clint was doing. Thanks for the comments on My Space. Ummm…you mentioned “Spots” did they say it was spots or did they say it was cysts? I ask because my CAT showed cysts on my liver but my Urologist said it didn’t concern him in the least because you could take a 100 healthy people and scan them and more than half would show something similar on the Liver and almost any organ and have it be nothing. So…don’t worry until they say so it could be that it is a simple cysts but he worded differently which could be why the ER didn’t mention it because its not something significant by most accounts.

You both are in my prayers and I am praying they find the answer quickly. My brother has been having blood in his stools and tested very anemic, he went thru this a few years ago and they did the CAT and Colonoscopy but didn’t find anything wrong. They are now trying to get the insurance to sign off on that new test where he will swallow a pill that contains a camera and it takes pictures all they way down and on its way out…way better than the Colonoscopy I guess. Oprah had an Oncologist on that talked about it. You might ask them about that, its definately less invasive than the Colonoscopy. We have a strong history of Colon Cancer on my mom’s side…my grandfather died of it so its a huge concern where my brother is concerned right now. It sucks we have to wait for some paper pusher to decide whether to let him have this test or not.

((Big hugs and prayers to you))

Elizabeth Says:

I always worry about you. You always put everyone else first in your life, which is great for a wife and mom… but Lisa, you are so important and so worth it too. Definitely message me with what you wanted to talk about. Or call… do you have my number? xoxo

Rachel Says:

Hi! Coming out of years of lurkerdome to let you know I’m thinking of you and your family and praying for the best. Lots of love and prayers going your way.


Manda Says:

Hi Lisa, I found your site through a friend’s reads and just wanted to say I have REALLY enjoyed your webhome. It’s been a HUGE inspiration and I Look forward to furture posts. I hope all is well for you. (Blessings)


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