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Sorry to be a downer…

This isn’t going to be a typical ‘me’ post.  Things are bad.  Seriously.  I took Clint to the emergency room on Saturday morning about 6:00 a.m. because he was in horrible pain on his right side and very nauseus, so we went to the hospital under the assumption that he had appendicitis…the ER dr. even thought so before we did tests.  He had bloodwork done, X-rays, and a CT scan before they ruled out appendicitis.  He has been, for now, diagnosed with diverticulitis, but the ER dr. nor do we believe that is what is going on, as other things were found on the CT scan.  I really don’t want to go into any more specifics or details until we have a colonoscopy done, nor do I think I can sit here and talk about it anymore right now, as this weekend has been hell on us. 

 I just need to beg of each of you for prayers sent up for Clint.  I can’t even express to you how much we need them right now.  Whatever you can, whatever your beliefs…prayers, positive thoughts & vibes…I dont’ care…ANYTHING that is positive for Clint, is more than simply needed right now. 

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By Lisa
On 09.11.06
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Emily Says:

I’ve never posted but I’m a frequent reader…You and your family will most definitely be in my prayers tonight. Stay strong…

Mary Says:

Keeping you in my prayers and thoughts.

Jana Says:

Most definitely…Clint is in our thoughs and prayers, as are you and the girls. If you need ANYTHING, please do not hesitate to call me…my ear is always here for you! ((((BIG HUGS)))) Lotsa hugs!

Stephanie Says:

Dear Lisa,
I have you, Clint and your girls in my heart and in my prayers. I hope this turns out well for you. God bless you and stay strong for your family.
Hugs and prayers,

...jus me Says:

Lisa, You and Clint and family are in my prayers.

kim Says:

Hugs and prayers for you and yours!


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