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… Confession Time …

Forgive me, dear readers, for I have crapped out.

Short and sweet version?  I haven’t worked out in over a week.  That is crap.  My eating?  While not following any sort of organized plan, I have seen my once wonderful portion sizes grow larger, and my healthy food choices become un-healthy. 

My solution?

I kicked myself in the ass today and got myself motivated.  I have regrouped, replanned and am ready to face it all.  I still do not know where my scale is (love, love, LOVE my husband for this) but I FEEL blah, bigger, bloated.  And even though my clothes are still all fitting fine and mostly looser than they used to, I know it’s time to kick it back into high gear.

I’m not going to go into any long drawn out details on my eating plan at this point, but the basics of it is, WW Points with SBD foods.  Make sense?  I won’t be able to eat as much because the point value on most SBD foods will be a bit higher, but I need to re-train myself on portion sizes and that sort of thing, so it’s a good switch.

My exercise is all laid out (well actually stuck to the fridge) and ready for me to DO THIS once again.  I hate these ‘lulls’ in my activity / diet because it makes me feel as though I’ve failed and have to re-start, and that’s SO not what’s going on here. 

I never failed, I never gave up, I just lost track of the tiny details that truly make my success work.  I’ve noted the details and am running with it.


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By Lisa
On 09.06.06
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Mary Says:

Glad to finially hear from you girl!

I crave your energy postings to get me thru a tough day.

Keep it up…

and where are the pics of this built-in entertainment area?

...jus me Says:

There seems to be alot of that butt kickin going on around lately. I started back on weight watchers a week ago Monday. Good luck to you!

Rosey Says:

It’s good that you have acknowledged where your faults are and have put in effect a plan for yourself. Being conscious is definetly an important factor in continuing the journey!

Susie Says:

Good for you for getting back to it! That’s what I admire most about you — you always get back up even if you fall. Of course, I don’t think a week off working out is a “fall”. It’s a break. ;) I think your plan to do WW points with SBD foods is a good one, too. I should look into the points system. I’m not sure how it all works.

Good to hear from you!!


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