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Stressed - Out Mommy Monday

Today has just been gut-wrenching.  BOTH of my girls are now officially in school.  Abbie started 2nd grade this morning and Megan started Pre-School (her school calls it ‘Beginners’ school)…

Abbie did wonderful.  She got up, got all ready in the outfit she’s had picked out since the day we bought it, we did her nails last night to match, and she got on the bus.  Megan got all ready this morning, also with nails done last night to match and we went out to wait for the bus with Abbie.  As soon as Abbie was on the bus Meggie and I jumped in the car and headed to Abbie’s school to meet her there and take her to her class.  We had a huge ordeal this year, as the ONE teacher I didn’t want Abbie to get, she got.  This lady is nasty.  She SCREAMS at the kids so loudly that they can hear her on the 1st floor.  (She’s upstairs, and not near any stairwells, mind you…plus I know a couple of things out of school about her as well)…so I called the principal and had her classroom changed, so I went there today to also make sure that that was all taken care of.  Everything went smoothly and Abbie was so excited.

We left there and took Meggie to her new school.  It’s a private Christian school, the same place Abbie did pre-school and Kindergarten as well, because our public school doesn’t have full-day kindergarten…anyways, we got there and Meggie was all excited, got in her room and hung up her bookbag and lunch box, and headed over to her desk, and she was still good and smiling…got her crayons out to color a picture her teacher gave her, and she asked me to stay with her and color.  I told her I could only stay for a minute because I had to get to work…I watched her for a few, and then told her I had to go…that’s when the little lip started quivering…ugh…it was everything I had in me not to break down and cry, because I knew that would make it worse on her…so I told her I loved her, hugged her and walked out.  I know from working at a Day Care, it’s better to just leave them and let them get adjusted rather than being the mom that hangs around for over an hour letting the kids cling to her and cry…I just wanted to get it over with and have her start adjusting and getting on with her day.

So, like a good mom, I walked out into the hallway, THEN I lost it…how many calories does ‘SOBBING’ burn?!?!?!  Ok, it wasn’t THAT dramatic…but I was upset…I could hear her crying in her room…it was awful.  I told the lady in the office that I would be calling to check on her.  I just called (it’s about 2 hours later) and her teacher is keeping her very active and keeping her mind off of it.  She’s had a couple of times where she starts to get sad, they get her into doing something else and she’s fine then.  The lady in the office said she hasn’t heard her cry at all this morning…it’s such a relief.  I’m just all ‘knots-in-my-stomach’ feeling today…all you moms & dads know what I mean I’m sure…

In the midst of all this emotional-wreck, you know what I’m craving???  A WALK.  The whole ‘run to food’ kinda deal is so behind me now.  I love that I cope with things is so many other ways now besides food.  I literally want to just walk and walk.  Of course I came in late today to work and it’s raining, so a walk at lunch time isn’t going to happen, but still…

I don’t feel like running to food….I feel like running.

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ohhh lisa, I feel for you. i remeber that day all to well. I was going to be strong, I was not going to let them see me cry… and than some lasy came up crying and asked me who me child was- I lost it! my daughter told me– mom I only gone for the morning, what are you crying about.!! kids!! Im so proud that you are doing so well- you know you give inspriation to the people like me who want to runnnnn to food when something happens!! hows that boxing going - have they signed you up for pro yet?? =))) have a great one! karen

Jana Says:

Oh sure…make me feel even older! Faith started KINDERGARTEN today! Can you believe it? Felt like just yesterday Ashton & Abbie were starting kindergarten and now Faith is! You’ll have to stop by and read of my ordeal and see the pictures.

Lotsa hugs!

Amy H. Says:


I have just recently found your diet blog and I have to tell you…I love reading it. I have read some of your older entries and most of your newer ones. You are an inspiration to me. And your latest pic. - you look great! Keep up the good work!!!

Susie Says:

{{{{{LISA}}}}} I so totally know what you mean! My oldest daughter started kindergarten last week and my son started 2-Day preschool a couple of days later! I was a sobbing mess! I wish they could stay little forever!!!

How are things going otherwise?

Melissa Says:

AWE…I know what you were feeling. My kids began today and Emma started kindergarten. I had to run to the school and it was hard not to get emotional when I saw her class walking down the hallway…you can’t miss my blonde blue eyed girl who is a head taller than her classmates. lol Other than that I did pretty well, except I do have that empty nest feeling. Its REALLY strange not to have a little one coming home at lunch but its also REALLY nice to have time to myself.

I just popped by to let you know I updated my journal with my CT scan results…and thank you for your prayers and please keep them coming.

Hugs, Mel


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