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Reason for no post yesterday…

My very legitimate reason for not posting yesterday???  Lack of ability for movement.  Kidding.  Damn was I sore yesterday.  I was tough girl on Tuesday after the ab workout Monday night.  I was a bit sorer (is that a word??) as the night went on Tuesday, but I went ahead and…get this…repeated the whole freaking workout yet again…and by the middle of night Tuesday, trying to roll over in bed ended up being nothing but a hugely loud painful GROAN. 

Last night?  Officially my rest night of the week.  I couldn’t do that to my body yet again.  Today I still feel my muscles in my tummy yelling at me…what the hell do they expect?  They can’t get all fit and ripped just hanging around like they do…they gotta put some effort into it…So tonight I’m back at it…

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By Lisa
On 08.24.06
At 4:29 pm
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...jus me Says:

Owwwwww! You are so brave! And beings we didn’t hear from you on the 25th either, does that mean you can not move again? Hope not! Be careful!

Lazy Daisy Says:

Bet your pictures are better than you think. I always hate my picture too. Sounds like you are really doing well. Great news about being in better shape than you thought.


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