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REALLY, I am still training…

I haven’t had time at home at night to update my Daily Log page…but I swear, except for Friday, I have done my training routine every single night.  I don’t have access to update my pages during the day, so it has to be at night, and that’s just been too crazy to even TRY to attempt to get on the computer.

A few months back we sold all of our animals (cows, pigs) and took some of the money and bought a 56″ DLP Tv…yeah, the sucker is huge, and completely the testosterone in the house’s idea.  That was the first of March.  The past week and a half the picture seemed really dark to me…I knew something wasn’t right.  Clint messed with it, thought he fixed it, ya know…the man touch.  Nope…still dark and not right to me.  Last night, I get home, turn on the TV for the girls and thing shuts itself off….repeatedly.  I called Toshiba, they walked me through a few things, and comes down to the lamp in the TV is done for.  Luckily we have one year parts and labor on the TV and the new lamp is covered.  So within 5 business days we will have a TV again…I think it was a sign from above to make sure I stay off my butt.

Workouts have been going really well, but this past Sunday when Uncle D came over, he taught me a 1-2 hook punch.  I’m having a really tough time with coordination getting this one down…I think I’m going to search the internet today to see, once again, how it’s really supposed to be done, so that I’m really doing it correctly.

Well, I mainly wanted to make sure you all know I’m still at the workouts, and haven’t abandoned them seeing’s how my page isn’t updated with them…

I was going through a bunch of WL sites yesterday on Blogexplosion and FatFighters and just seeing if there were any new takers in the WL blogging world, and once again, I’m bummed.  So many of the sites that i had been to before and they were doing really well, were now abandoned.  Most over a year ago.  I wish I could virtually kick people in the butt to keep em moving, ya know? 

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By Lisa
On 06.28.06
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Melissa Says:

Keep on going, girl. You’re doing awesome.

Melissa Says:

Congrats on the loss of inches. That is definately something to feel good about. I have been frustrated because the scale isn’t going down and I hate paying for a weigh in and not having something to clap about. lol I think I need to start measuring again. My NEW size 14 shorts were super tight when I first bought them in June before I started back on WW’s and now they zip without any problem. SO I know I am making progress I just need to see numbers to really know it mentally. lol

It is sad to see so many sites that were in for the journey only to lose their fight within a couple of months. You and I both know how hard it is and how long the journey can take…but here we are still plugging away. Its nice to know I can always come here and see that you are still fighting the fight.

Can’t wait to see the new graphics…I am tired of my layout so I think I might change it over the weekend. We’ll see…

Drop me a line sometime while you are sitting here working on your new layout and graphics.

Hugs, Mel


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