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Sore….and LOVING it!!!

I think this is what they mean by a ‘natural high’…I can’t get enough of this.

I’m sleeping SO good at night. I have energy.  I don’t sit at my desk at work and yawn all day.  I feel more focused.  I don’t ache.  I’m in a better mood DAILY.  I get 1-1/2 hours per day that I do my workout, ALONE!!!!  There are SO many positives to my working out….Shall I go on???

I’m seriously so excited to be able to weigh in.  I can FEEL that my body is thinner.  I don’t think I have ever looked forward to weighing in as I do right now.  The suspense is killing me, but I will live, because I know it will pay off when that day finally arrives.  I was just telling Clint that July 1 will be the day I weigh in and all, but then I looked at when I started and it was June 6…so I don’t know if I will wait till the 6th and make it a full month, or break down and do it on the 1st.

I got my first compliment today on looking like I’m losing weight since I started this on June 6.  I was told that I am looking thin, especially my neck, and torso…that feels AWESOME to hear.  I am looking forward to more. 

Thing is, I need to learn how to accept compliments.

My low self-esteem and horrible vision of what my body looks like really keeps me from taking anyone as being sincere when they pay me a compliment.  It’s like I take the compliment as they are feeling sorry for me in some way and are trying to make me feel better.  In another spin, if someone were to tell me, ‘Wow, you look like you’re losing weight, you look great!’,  I feel like if I accept a compliment with a ‘Thank You’ it’s like I’m instead saying ‘I know’, with a bit of conceit, and I’m scared to come across that way to someone.

Wow, my head went 100 different directions with this post, aye?

One thing I wanted to note…well two…first, I am still updating my Daily Log with my workouts, so if you’re curious as to what I’m doing, it’s all there.  Second, I changed my ‘off’ day to Friday.  So it now reads that I will be going 6 days per week, Sat - Thurs.  Fridays are our ‘family night’.  Clint and the girls usually make home-made pizza while I usually treat myself to shrimp coctail (if it’s on sale) or something similar that I don’t get very often, and we rent movies and just spend the evening together doing NOTHING.  Tomorrow for our family night, we are having friends of ours over to join us with their 3 kids and we’re going to order pizza and watch a movie…so truly, there will be NO time for my workout.  So I decided since that is truly our night of doing nothing, I will make that my one night off so I can spend it with my family and not feel any guilt about missing my workout.

Welp, Clint is already snoring, so I’m going to go and climb in and get cozy next to him.  G’night!

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By Lisa
On 06.22.06
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ohhh lisa thats great all the work that you have been doing for yourself- i just want to give you a huge hug !!! remeber all those daily ” great things” we said everyday- well im glad that you are beleiving that!!!! have great great great great great day!!!!! karen

Jana Says:

Woo hoo!!!! You go girl! I am so glad to see this side of you! You keep it up…and you’ll do great! I’m sure! Go Lisa…Go Lisa…Go Lisa!!!!!! Lotsa hugs!


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