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Boxing is SO fun!  What is really making it nice is that Clint is all for it.  He’s so supportive of the time that I need to devote to myself each night and it’s working out wonderfully.  I still am holding a bit of resentment towards him regarding his hiding place for the scale though…it’s a good spot, because even though I have tried, I can’t find it. 

I’m anxious to weigh in but in the back of my mind, I keep thinking that when I get on the scale, it’s going to read the same freaking 253 that it did the last day that I weighed in.  I’m pretty sure I’m losing.  How can I not be??? Have you read my Daily log of my acitivty lately?  I’m freaking working my butt off.  I haven’t had any carbs, except for this past crappy weekend that I whined about in the last post.  There has to be SOME kind of progress, but I’m so scared there won’t be.

It’s just about that ‘time’ of the month for me, so I’m glad I haven’t found the scale, or that Clint didn’t give in and tell me where it was, because I would probably be disappointed with the scale with all of the fun things that happen to my body at this time.  My weigh in day will be after all that icky time is over, so it should show well.  What I do know definitely is that I have lost 2 inches in my waist.  Seriously.  That is the ONLY measurement I have taken so far, and don’t plan to do any more until the monthly day.

I’m working on redoing my site behind the scenes.  I need a new look.  Something not so ‘cutesy’…I’m no longer following WW, which my site suggests, I’ve taken a completely different path at this point and I want the site to reflect ‘me’ at this time.  Sometime soon, hopefully it will be done…

I just figured out my calories in and out today and I have a calorie deficit of close to 3500 calories today with all the exercise I did.  That means I lost 1 lb. today.  Hope the scale is just as nice to me as the figures sound.

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By Lisa
On 06.20.06
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Jana Says:

If you pay me I’ll tell you where the scale is…LOL I should call him and have him tell me! That’s so funny that you can’t find it. But it sounds like everything is going great with the boxing training and what not. Can’t wait to start my diet and stuff…we’ll be two hot momma’s before you know it! Best thing is I dream of being skinny and I love seeing myself in my dreams skinny.

Lotsa hugs!

Joc Says:

Wow Lisa, just read your previous post, what a work out, it sounds fantastic, and lots of fun too! its so much easier to stick with a workout you find fun.

Hang in there until it is time to weigh in, you will possibly find if you weight right now you will be disappointed because you will be losing fat, but you may also be building muscle, this is what happens to me early on in a new exercise program each time. I find I lose inches quickly but the scales dont keep pace with where I think they should be, then I get really frustrated. (I know this whole addiction to what the scale says is really bad, but I cant get past it).

Sounds like you are doing really well, especially with losing 2 inches from your waist - gotta get me a broomstick lol


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