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This is going to be a long one, have a seat  

Uncle D came over yesterday afternoon, later than I think the both of us had planned as we were all at a party Saturday night that made for a late night.  Too much alcohol for him, Clint and most others, and me??  I only drank 1/2 of one Mike’s Hard Lemonade light, that is low in calories and carbs, and a couple of sips of a amaretto sour that was so good…water the rest of the night and never had ONE munchie.  That was good.

 Ok, so first my eating for the weekend.  This is the first time in nearly 3 weeks that I had something I shouldn’t have.  I had 2 pcs. of homemade pizza on Friday night.  Not a big deal, but after having the carbs, it turned into a big deal…all of these cravings came crashing back.  Even though I still ate limited amounts of any foods this weekend (can’t kick this chest thing STILL, and not feeling 100% at all) I still feel like I did horrible.  Today, though, I have my lunch packed with all good things.  I’m craving salad badly, so I think my body is begging for the healthy foods again.  So I’m back on track…one slip-up in 3 weeks isn’t so bad, could be worse and I could still be eating badly…so that is a plus for me!!

 Now for the training.   It was more fun than I could have imagined.  Uncle D is awesome.  He’s so easy to be around and he’s so patient.  I caught on fairly quickly if I do say so myself.  He said I was doing really well…he will be over once a week, on the weekend to check my progress, and if I’m comfortable enough with what he taught me the previous week, we will add more to my routine.

Yesterday I learned jabs, and 1-2 punches, and moving.  We got the heavy bag hung at the correct height and got started.  He taught me how to keep my jaw protected at ALL times.  Even when you throw a jab, you keep your head somewhat down and the shoulder of the arm that you are extending out is to cover your jaw, while the opposite hand is constantly at your jaw to protect.  It was so much fun to punch…I can see where this is going to be awesome when I’m stressed…I can beat the shit out of the bag.

He only wants me focusing on my speed at this point.  How fast I can get my punches to the bag and back to original position.  The strength, he said, will come on it’s own as I build muscle and stamina.  I also have to work on moving.  If you have ever seen a heavy bag, you know how the name of the bag is printed on the bag around eye level all the way around the bag, in my case it’s Everlast.   So I pick one everlast box to keep my eye on and you envision that being your opponent.  He wants me working on following that one spot when it spins around and get comfortable moving while throwing a jab once in awhile at it.

New exercises have also been added to my routine.  I’m still to do at least 1 mile on the elliptical each night and the broom twists are still incorporated and I still need to build up to 200 per night.  I’m at 100 per night right now.  The only thing is, I’m no longer using a broom stick.  My arms are too long.  I knew the pole was too short, but I wasn’t sure what else to use.  Well, we found some aluminum poles out in the shop that are the perfect length for me.  I can stretch my arms out like they are supposed to be and the stretch feels completely different and much better.

What we are adding in arm circles with low weights.  You hold the weights (I’m using 2 lb. hand weights which he thinks is too much, I need to find 1 lb. ones) and stretch your arms all the way out to the side and do small circles forward and then small circles backwards, and then punches out to the front.  I’m also to work up to 5 sit-ups per night.  Doesn’t sound like much, I know.  But these are a tad different.  I have to have Clint holding my feet, knees bent, and with my hands behind my head, do a FULL sit-up (not just a crunch) and once I am all the way up, I am to twist, touch my right elbow to my left knee and then twist and touch left elbow to right knee and all the way back down.  He said he doesn’t care if I only do one per night, but build up to 5 per night.  I’m also going to be doing jump rope.  Just simple single jump jump-rope.

Here’s the thing I like the best.  Excluding the sit-ups and broom twists, no other part of my routine is based on the NUMBER of repetitions…so no having to COUNT and lose count and all that good stuff.  The actual boxing part of it is going to be 3 rounds of 3 minutes each.  I do 3 minutes of jabs and moving, then rest for 1 minute, then do another 3 minute round.  I have to work up to the 3 minutes total though I’m sure.  With my arm circles and punching exercises, I do them for 1-1/2 minutes rest 30 seconds, then another 1-1/2 minutes…for a total of 3 rounds of those as well.  I will build those up to 3 minutes as well, but to start I will push for 1-1/2 minutes.  Jump rope I will also build up to 3 minutes of straight jumping.  Right now, if I could do 30 seconds continuously, I would probably be proud of myself.  So I have to build up to 3 minutes straight.

 I do my whole routine Monday through Saturday.  6 days per week.  I’m gonna be a tired puppy.

What I can see just by re-reading this, is I’m definitely going to create some calorie deficit daily which will definitely give me the weight loss and muscle definition that I’m looking for.  Uncle D told me last night that he wants me to devote myself to this for just 3 months.  He said if I can devote myself to his training and the self-discipline it’s going to take to do this, I will have amazing results at the end of the 3 months. 

I was *this* close to going on a scavenger hunt for my scale this morning.  Seriously.  It was almost a panicky feeling that I needed it NOW.  HA!  I think the withdrawls from it are setting in.  I even called Clint on his cell phone, who was on his way to work, and he goes, so what’s up?  And I said, ‘um, I was thinking I could weigh in this morning, you know, just to see??’ in a *HINT HINT* TELL ME WHERE THE FREAKING SCALE IS BEFORE I REACH THROUGH THIS PHONE AND DO THE UNTHINKABLE TO YOUR FACE kinda tone…know what he tells me??  ‘Huh, I forget where I hid it!’…and I had a flash of him evil laughing uncontrollably…when in reality all I said was ‘REALLY!’ in a ‘you KNOW where it’s at’ kinda tone…he just laughed…he really wouldn’t tell me.  He goes ‘Isn’t this what you WANTED me to do??’ and I agreed and was no longer envisioning his eyeballs under my fingernails.  He got to work safely.

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How wonderful to find an activity that you enjoy and look forward too!! Have a great week and keep up your activities.



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