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Well, the last time I posted, was the last time I did any work on Lippy…here’s the rundown on why. 

 Saturday morning, we got up early and took Abbie to her riding lesson, then left there and headed straight to the Cleveland Zoo.  We walked around there for close to 5-1/2 hours.  Lot of walking that day.  So when we got home, we got the girls a bag packed and took them to my parents house where they spent the night. 

 Clint and I decided to go to dinner alone for the first time in forever, so we went to BW3’s and sat in the bar and had a drink with dinner.  Well, I ordered boneless wings with sauce on the side so I could just dip a tiny bit, and I ordered one long island iced tea, which I only drank half of, because I was so stinkin’ giggly off the one half of the drink…I downed a bunch of water so I could drive and Clint had a couple of tall beers.

 Came home that night (it was already late), and Clint and I went out back and built a bon-fire.  Had a Raspberry Smirnoff and sat by the fire for a couple of hours together…it was awesome.

 So no Lippy Saturday, I figured it would be my one day off this week.  Then Sunday came.  Mom called me early Sunday and said she wasn’t feeling so good, and wanted me to get the girls early.  I went and got them and took them to the playground at the elementary school near my parents house and we played for about an hour.  Came home did a bunch of yard work, but didn’t get on Lippy…because…I FREAKIN GOT SICK.  I was so sick Sunday night, missed work Monday and today.  I know what caused it, something in the air at work, long story, won’t bore you, but I’m going back to work tomorrow and hoping it’s better.

So, three days, no Lippy…good news is, I WILL be doing it tonight.  More good news, I still have no idea where my scale is, and haven’t even attempted to find it, but the BEST news of all???  I can see a difference in my body!!!!!!  I am actually SEEING changes!!!  I KNOW I have lost weight this past week.  Yeah, being sick probably helped that a bit, but I have been doing SOOOO GOOD on my eating.  I have no cravings at all for carbs / starchy stuff…I’m actually craving peanut butter! 

I made THEE best snack yesterday and have to share it.  I take 2 of my chocolate sugar free popcicles (40 cal. each) and put them in a bowl and put them in the microwave and defrost (make sure it’s DEFROST and not regular COOK time or your will have chocolate water) them for about 25 seconds and them I scrape them off of the popcicle sticks into the bowl, mash em up just a bit and add about a TBSP of natural peanut butter and mix it all together.  It reminds me of Baskin-Robbins chocolate peanut butter ice cream that was my FAVORITE. 

So that’s the rundown on me.  I will be back here later and update my activity page.

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karen Says:

good for you lisa!! how is boxing going? have you given anyone a black eye yet??=)) keep it up! have a great evening- karen

Jana Says:

Wow girl…you giggly???? Imagine that! LOL What happened to the days when we would drink drink drink??? LOL Can’t read about the boxing training…you are something else! Lotsa hugs!


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