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I am still waiting on test results as of today. The Dr. office is calling the lab as we speak (well, read…) and the Dr. will call me this afternoon.

I just wanted to clarify on a couple of the comments that were made. First, thank you ALL for the positive thoughts, prayers and everything. They mean the world.

The reason I was so upset (now doing much better) after getting the abnormal test result is…

It has been 3 years since I have had a pap test done. So from that I was already a nervous wreck that something bad would be going on and it would be my own fault, and then of course thinking that whatever is wrong is serious because I neglected to have the test done yearly. So I already had myself pretty emotional.

About the missed periods being a sign of the HPV, that’s not what I was trying to say. I was told by a doctor a while back (who I never went back to again), that told be because of the PCOS and my erratic periods (none for 6 months and then bleed for 3 weeks straight, stuff like that) that it greatly increased my chances for cervical cancer. Then when I found out my tests came back abnormal and they were waiting on the HPV test results, I freaked. That is the virus that can cause cervical cancer. So with both things able to lead to cervical cancer, I have been pretty worried.

I have calmed down quite a bit and have realized that there’s nothing I can do about it until the results come back. He will be calling me after 1:00 p.m. today to give me the HPV results, so hopefully, I have everything crossed, that it is negative. Then we can resume life as normal, with a follow-up pap done in a few months probably.

When I did some research on the HPV thing, it says that HPV is a group of approx. 100 viruses that are all characterized in the ‘HPV’ category…not real clear on that. 30 out of the 100 are STD’s. Well, I’ve been married now for almost 14 years and with him for 2 years prior to marriage, and I KNOW I’m faithful and I have no doubts that he is…so I highly doubt that it’s an STD portion of the group of viruses.

Anyways, I am feeling better, just want the phone call to come now (about an hour from now he should call) and hear all good news. That’s gonna relieve alot of stress Thanks again to you all for all of your comments, thoughts and prayers.

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Jana Says:

Whoa…I need to get out and visit more! I didn’t realize you were having problems like this at all. Man, Lisa…I’m so sorry that you’re going through this, and I know you’re probably stressing out the wazoo. I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers…and here’s praying for a good phone call today. Please keep me posted!!!! Lotsa hugs!

kimmie Says:

Hugs! again

Just want you to know that there is no real consensus as to how long someone can be a ‘carrier’ of HPV before it actually shows up in a pap or causes a problem. My dr told me that I could have been exposed 7-10 years prior to being dx with the warts. The abnormal pap was well after the treatment for the warts and wasn’t related at all. The abnormal pap was likely caused by stress in my case. A short treatment of vaginal progesterone and my paps have been completely normal for the next 13 years.

So, if it does come back positive for HPV, don’t go thinking about being faithful or not. They really don’t know how long it can lay dormant before causing issues and some of them lay dormant in some people and don’t in others. Huge mystery this HPV. I got it and I wasn’t really all that sexually active.


Joc Says:

I have everything crossed for a good result for you. Take care.


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