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Not a good day…

Short and sweet…I don’t like to do this, but I’m begging for your prayers. I got a call today to call the dr.’s office back about my most recent pap test, and when I did it the results were that it is abnormal. I do have a couple of details already that I’m not going to post as of yet, and they are still waiting on an HPV test result (this is the Human Papillomavirus) and it is a virus that can lead to Cervical Cancer. Those of you who know about PCOS, there is already an increased risk for cervical cancer because of my abnormal periods in my past. To say the least, I’m scared to death right now and praying for the best possible outcome while trying to stay positive and not cry in front of the girls…

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By Lisa
On 05.23.06
At 9:09 pm
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lisa~ I will be praying for you and your family! karen

Tammy Says:

((((HUGS)))) Lisa you are totally in my thoughts and prayers hope the best for you take care!!! Remember you have a gret support team here if y uneed us!!

Melissa Says:

Lisa…I have you in my heart and in my prayers.
Let us know…
Hugs, Mel

Fat Girl Says:

Sorry to hear that. I have PCOS too. Recently had a biopsy done and everything was okay. Let us know how it goes.

Tina Says:

Abnormal isn’t always cancer. My thoughts are with you. Hoping to hear good news soon! Take care.


Susie Says:

{{{{LISA}}}} I will pray. I’m sorry that you’re feeling scared. I’ll ask God to give you a peace that passes all understanding while you wait.

Kim Says:

Hi Lisa,
I will ABSOLUTELY lift you and your family up in prayer.
Try not to give in to Fear. But to Leave it in God’s hands:)
Sending HUGS your way:)

Michelle Says:

God bless you during this time - may he grant you peace and serenity and complete healing! I will keep you and your family in my prayers!

Dell. Says:

Keep your chin up, sweetie. Abnormal is just that and if it is bad news….. it is really caught early. Soooooo totally curable. All the best…..


kimmie Says:

Yup, abbienormal is not a cancer sentence. Both my sis and I have had that. Mine was likely caused by recent intercourse. I DID have HPV lesions several years ago and had them removed by laser so I’m extra careful but MOST HPV is NOT the kind that causes cancer.

My prayers are with you!!


Joc Says:

Thinking positive thoughts for you. Stay strong.

Elizabeth Says:

I am definitely praying for you, Lisa! Please let me know how you are!

dismalgrin Says:

Wow! I didn’t know that abnormal periods were a risk factor with HPV! I have abnormal periods, but it’s from ovarian cysts (which can be a huge weight problem factor) Anyhoo… I wouldn’t worry too much about the HPV, it is an STD, but they catch it on time (which is sounds like they are working on) and it doesn’t really do anything to you. Not the normal things it may do. So, I have several family members and friends that had it and it’s all taken care of.

You will be in my prayers, I didn’t mean to downplay your problems, but was trying to bring in a ray of sunshine amongst the clouds.


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