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Day late…

Weigh in was yesterday, but I did have a good excuse for not posting it. I formatted my computer on Sunday night and never got it up and running until last night.

Anyhoo, my weigh in was 250. I didn’t get to see that magical 249 on my weigh in day, but it’s still a 2 lb. loss for the week. Nothing to snub my nose at!

As for WHY the 249 (or lower) didn’t show. Carbs. Sugar. Bout sums it up. It was just one of those weekends where I was ‘munchy’. I can’t say ‘hungry’, but just ‘munchy’. And I totally gave in. I didn’t want to even look at a vegetable, the thought of eggs and cheese just made me blah. Yesterday, however, and today so far have been going really well. I’m so focused on the eating healthy that it’s almost as if I’m not truly following a ‘plan’…just making good choices (crappy weekend excluded). I am going to have those bad days. There are going to be days where the focus is amazing and others when it’s not.

I see a trend though because every single day last week I walked 2 miles on my lunch break. EVERY day. Plus 3 days on Lippy at night, and I ate really well and stayed focused. Weekend? NOTHING. Not a DROP of exercise (unless you count all of the housework and cleaning the basement I accomplished, but still not intentional exercise). And how did I eat??? yeah.

The weather has been dreary and rainy EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. So the gloominess of it may be getting me as well, in the exercise portion.

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Melissa Says:

Hey sweetie…congrats on getting into a new plan. I skipped back and read how positive you are…keep that in your focus. Its not easy..but baby steps one day at a time.

I am back on Induction for Atkins…I need the strictness. lol I have crept up in weight not a huge amount but enough that zipping my 14’s that I was so proud to slip into has become a struggle and even got an ouchie on my tummy when it got zipped into the zipper. lol That was a huge sign that it was time to stop my ice cream and peanut M&M binges and get back to low carb. I am going on Day 3.

I am thinking of getting a low carb group back together…are ya interested? Even if its just you and me. lol

Send me an email…I miss you.

Hugs, Mel

karen Says:

wow thats alot of little people!!!=)) hey congrats on the weight loss lisa- you are doing great!!! karen


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