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What a feeling!

Name a body part. Any body part. I bet mine hurts.

We had a wonderful weekend. Saturday morning, I took Abbie to her horse riding lessons, came home got a few loads of laundry done and dishes done, all the while, Clint and the neighbor guy were seeding the back 2 acres of both of our properties. I called Clint in as we needed to get ready because we took the girls to see ‘Dora’s Pirate Adventure’ LIVE…it was SO much fun! Abbie is a bit old for it, but she still enjoys Dora just because Meggie does, so they both had a blast!!! It was awesome. Megan sang and danced the whole time. We have never done anything like that with the kids because it’s so dang expensive, but now that they are both a bit older it was a great time to go.

Yesterday we were outside from like 10:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. and literally hoeing all friggin day. We extended Samson’s (our Chocolate Lab) invisible fence (now that the animals are gone, we no longer have a pasture but a full yard!!!) all the way back to the woods…so the distance that we had to extend it was nearly 1,000 feet total in length. So, yes, Clint and I, taking turns, used a 2″ hoe and literally hoed our way all the way around the perimiter where the wire went in. If I was hoeing (which I do quite well, I must say…) Clint was on his hands and knees laying and covering the wire, and vice-versa. It was a lot of work. I’m surprised my arms aren’t more sore than they are. My butt and tops of the backs of my legs, thighs, hips and calves are all a completely different story. Sore as all get-out. So I just got back from a 1-1/2 mile (23 minute) walk on my lunch break. Thought it would loosen everything up a bit. Nope.

It’s ok though…Clint’s ‘plan’ is working. The scale was down 1/2 lb. this morning from last week. That is the result of 2 up and down episodes during last week and now this being my third day on the new medication, and even though I am definitely pottying more as it’s a water pill as well, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. It may take a few days to really work as it should, so I need to be prepared, but for now I can tell it’s working because of the dry mouth I woke up with today and the way my wedding rings completly SPIN on my fingers. My fingers look thinner, my mom told me as soon as I got to work this morning that my face even looked thinner. I really didn’t realize that water retention could be that bad.

I looked into the 6-week body makeover that was suggested by Heather in my comments on my previous post. I’m scared to try it. I wrote her back with all sorts of questions, but I am feeling pretty strongly about South Beach Diet. It sounds like a healthy way to do low-carb, which is what my body needs at this point.

I don’t know what to do with my site here now. I want to have a new look. It’s a new start on a new path. I hate to get rid of all of the weight watchers information and not have it posted anymore, so maybe I will leave it all up and have different sections for the two different diets. I’ll see. Who knows when I will even get the chance to mess with it.

Clint’s ‘plan’ that I mentioned is truly a wonderful thing. I mentioned in my previous post that Clint asked me to do things ‘his way’ after all of the ups and downs I have had. Truly after the work outside that we did yesterday, I can see why he is so damn skinny. It’s gonna work. Every part of my body can feel it’s gonna work. I still need to get the SBD book and learn more about it all, but for now I’m leaning on my slim knowledge of low-carb. I have been having omelets like they are going out of style. I love them. I use one whole egg and two egg whites, and mix in some Rotel tomatoes, whisk it all together, pour it in the pan for the omelet and then put 1 slice of fat free cheese and some crumbled crispy pepperoni in the middle of it. (to make the crispy pepperoni I layer about 5 paper towels on a plate, place the pepperoni on it in a single layer (none touching) and microwave it for about 2-3 minutes…be careful if you do this, I had 2 that were black and smoking quite nicely on Saturday morning…could have easily been a fire…so watch them closely and cook them until they are no longer ’shiny’ with grease and ‘crispy’…let them cool and you can crumble them in your hand very easily…they are awesome in the omelet, or eat them with thin slices of cheese for a ‘cracker and cheese’ kinda snack. Amazing.

So I need to get the book and also answer another comment on the SBD support board and get this rolling. So far I am feeling wonderful.

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Tina Says:

Your a woman with a plan! Great. I’ve always thought the South Beach diet sounded a lot better than atkins. Way to go!


kimmie Says:

Just going to give you some headsup on SBD basics:

The minimum is 4.5 cups of veggies a day (1/2 cup can be a small can of V8)

Meats and cheese should be lowfat/lean choices. Pepperoni and sausage should have less than 6 g of fat per serving and should be limited to once or twice a week.

It is recommended to get beans/legumes in every day starting at 1/2 cup (they can be diet busters for some). They count as a veggie (I think you can count as a protein depending on your diet plan).

Grains/Breads should be 3 grams of fiber per ounce minimum. Good choices are low fat triscuits and the like. It is more difficult than it sounds to find these grains.

There is a 2 week phase 1 that is intended to get your cravings under control. This means if you have swings in blood sugar easily this helps to stabilize your insulin responses. Then you enter Phase 2 and add 1 grain/1 fruit serving at a time (for a week).

kimmie Says:

A grain serving is 1 ounce bread. So a small slice of bread.

We don’t count fat (mostly) and we don’t eat low carb. Many low-carb products aren’t acceptable on the diet. You have to be careful with that.

Even dr. Agatston doesn’t wholesale recommend the Kraft SBD foods due to their high fat and sodium content. But they are an occasional alternative.

Salad dressings should be low sugar. You can use low fat but sometimes they add sugar to those.

Dr. Agatston recommends splenda as opposed to aspartame.

They are currently still recommending 3 servings of dairy a day (ff milk, ff plain yogurt).

You can have ’some’ flavored yogurts after phase 1 but they aren’t recommended and are limited to 6 oz a day. It is best to buy ff plain and flavor your own.

good luck!


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