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The Dr. Visit.

I just returned from my Dr. Appointment. All in all, things are good. He told me he does not want to give me Glucophage, seeing as how my periods are completely regular at this point. That kind of surprised me, but I’ll do what he says. He did give me a prescription though, but it is for water retention and he said after about 6 months I will see a huge difference in the abnormal hair growth. He is pretty sure the water retention is to blame for my roller-coaster scale ride lately.

The prescription is for ‘Aldactone’. That is the brand name. The generic for it is Spironolatone. I just found an amazing article on it already and it seems to be the absolute best for the abnormal hair growth (hirtuism). Now I’m excited.

As for my weight loss, he told me that he didn’t want to prescribe any kind of ‘diet pill’ to help. He wants me doing either Weight Watchers and low-carb/no processed foods, as I’ve been doing, or try South Beach. For those who don’t know, South Beach is low-carb, but healthier, as it incorporated fruits and veggies in and the meats need to be leaner meats, that kind of stuff from what I gather so far. I remember when I tried Atkins, the phrase to keep in your mind was ‘If it’s an animal, you can eat it’…so ANY kind of meat, and cheeses and eggs. I’m going to go this weekend and get the South Beach book, and see what it takes, and also look online for any groups and info. It sounds as though it’s the best for my PCOS at this points.

This is going to be a confusing transfer from WW to South Beach for me. Thing is, with the knowledge I now have from being on WW for so long, I know what are the healthier choices to make.

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Heather Says:

I have been doing the 6 week body makeover. It’s an eating plan of real food eating at the right time to give you the best weight loss. I would look into that, it sounds like it would be what your doctor would approve of. I, too, have PCOS but my periods have become regular just by losing weight and exercising. Next saturday is my 3 month anniversary and my goal for then is to have lost 40lbs. I am 2 lbs away from that and since I haven’t lost anything less than 2lbs a week since starting in February, I’m sure I’ll have no trouble making it. You can find all about the 6 week body makeover at www.provida.com There are no pre-packaged foods that are loaded with sodium which will stall your weight loss and I’m never hungry! There is also a HUGE online community and 24 support from the ‘body makeover specialists’. Best of luck in your continued success no matter how you find your way there!

kimmie Says:

Hey! Good deal! I’ve been doing SBD since september. I followed WW points for the first 3 months while eating SBD style. Hard habit to break (in fact, I still consider points). But I was able to lose weight on SBD while counting points when I couldn’t at ALL lose weight on WW alone any longer. While WW allowed me to lose 45 lbs - after another pregnancy it didn’t work at all and, frankly, I just gained and gained.

As for online communities, I’ve learned far more from the ivillage SBD message board than from the book. I mean, the book is good to read but there are constant updates and the leaders of the board are members of the SBD online so they bring all the latest information back to us. There are errors in both the updated book and in the good fats good carbs guide. These are corrected in the online guides.

good luck! If you need help finding the SBD ivillage message board just email me!

Susie Says:

Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to add to the encouragement about South Beach. I just picked up the book this weekend. Check out this paragraph found on page 37…

“There is a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome that is a common cause of abnormal periods and infertility in young women. It turns out that it is due to insulin resistance or prediabetes. By reversing this syndrome with the diet, her periods normalized and a successful pregnancy followed.” He was talking about a woman who had been trying to conceive for 7 years.

I am not finished reading the book, but I am thinking that the diet is totally doable. I’m going to start it soon!

Good luck to you!

P.S. If Kimmie shares that online community with you, would you mind emailing it to me, too?


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