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Dude, where’s my TEA???

I’m hooked. Again. Green Tea. I am having 4-5 cups a day just during work hours. It’s Decaf…don’t worry…like I need one more thing to wind me up…nuh-uh. I seriously love it. And it’s helping me with my appetite as well. When I’m feeling the grum-bellies, I have a cup and it holds me over awhile longer. I’m breaking the ‘eating-because-it’s-time-to’ habit. I’m listening to my body. I’m such a good girl, ain’t I?? I just feel completely focused once again. I love this feeling. It’s like a natural high. I feel good about myself (for the most part), I feel confident and happy

So, the scale is being my friend still also…making things even better

I got on Lippy last night for a quick 15 minute run. She whined a bit, but wasn’t as bad as I expected. Myself and my feet are a different story. I upped the tension on the Elliptical to burn more calories, but then my foot gets numb even faster…sucks. But I did do it… and tonight…20 minutes it will be. I’m going to build the time back up again.

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By Lisa
On 03.16.06
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kim Says:

Yea! I’m going to have to try this green tea stuff. I have it, and I drink it, but not regularly. Thanks for the update! enthusiam is contagious!



LISA- I saw a whole bunch of color form things at our walmart- it was by the sewing section kinda by scrapbooking and art paint- that section- they had dora and spongebob and like a princess one- but they had a sticky back on them. dont know if that helps or not!!! glad to hear you are doing great- that green tea is the best- i think i am going to make some for ice tea tomorrow. have a great day and a wonderful weekend!!!! - karen
ps- i cant wait to see the inventor show on tonight- just what i need - anther reality show!!!

Janice Says:

I love green tea. I have it almost every afternoon! I think I will go make a cup.

kim Says:

Hi Lisa,
It’s been a while. I miss chatting with ya:)
Congrats on your 2lb. I started back on counting my points more closely yesterday and already feel better:)
Thanks for the green tea tip!!!

Tina Says:

I know you probably won’t print this, ’cause you won’t like what I have to say but. It would probably be better if you just reduced the resistance and went on Lippy for longer time. Your to obsessed with burning calories. Best of luck on your journey.


Jenn Says:

Hi Lisa!
I LOVE green tea! Its soo good. Congrats on your WL so far! Your doing awesome!


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