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Back on Track - Day #3

I still haven’t had alot of time to sit and go through the WW online website and all the tools and all that I now have access to, but I can tell you that I LOVE the online points tracker they have. Usually I’m either putting my points in my Palm, or using an Excel spreadsheet that Jenn and I had created awhile back, but then if I didn’t have my Palm with me, or if I had filled out the Excel spreadsheet at home or at work and didn’t have it at the other, I was screwed. This way, online, I’m good! I can access it either at home or work, or wherever…I love it.

Yesterday I was under points, busy day, but Monday I was over, so it makes up more than the difference because I was quite under.

All in all, I’m doing wonderful again Back on track, feeling very positive about it all…I definitely just needed a little extra something to get the ball rolling again, and joining online did it for me! I am feeling great!!!

Spring fever is setting in…it’s going to get sooo warm this week!!! 60 degrees!!! I’m so excited…perfect walking weather, so I will be beginning to walk on my lunch breaks again soon!! I’m so excited about that…looking forward to fresh air and exercise during the day again

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