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Today I joined Weight Watchers online. After seeing what it offers, I’m not all that sure it’s going to help me stay on track any more than I already do. But I haven’t gotten to sit and see all that the site offers yet, either. I think I just need some kind of actual activity involving weight watchers in some way other than just tracking my points and activity in my Palm.

We have been busy this whole weekend building a wall unit for a new TV that we bought. We are building it right into the unit. So far, it’s amazing I will have pictures of the before/after of the project. Clint and I designed it ourselves, and he’s amazing doing woodworking, so it’s coming together quite nicely I’ll post pics after it’s completed.

I will also update more soon Bedtime..gotta be up early Weekends go by too sucky fast.

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By Lisa
On 03.05.06
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good for you lisa- I have a new goal by the first of may- i am back on track!!! cant wait to see your wall unit- tim and i want to build one for your house to- he is a woodworker to. have a great week!!! karen

Jen Says:

Hi Lisa, I surfed on in from another site. I joined Weight Watchers online program 2 weeks ago and have already lost 6 pounds! I have slimfast Optima for breakfast, v8-low sodium juices for my veggie servings. Mott’s Natural no sugar added applesauces are only 1 point! I have Smart Ones (by Weight Watchers) frozen dinners for lunch they are sooo good. I also am enjoying the Weight Watchers desserts and chocolate muffins. Good luck with the program! Feel free to visit my site. Take care!! You can do it!

kimmie Says:

Great! I was a member for over a year. It really helped with tracking. But there comes a point where you KNOW all the points and staying on track is the hardest part. I didn’t use the boards though so if you like that part you’ll really like it. I DID like the recipe builder section. I create a lot of my own dishes and figuring out the points was soooo much easier online.

good luck!


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