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Coming out from under my rock…

I won’t begin this post with yet another ‘I’m sorry I haven’t been around’ kinda deal.

Things at work are beginning to be on a really nice even-keel. I am caught up on all of my work daily, and even have some time to spare on getting some small details taken care of and also help my mom stay caught up on her work load. The stress is definitely gone. It feels amazing.

Now it’s time once again to focus on ME.

My weight lately has been an up and down between the same 2-3 lbs. Today began my ‘time’ and I’m feeling the craving for Lippy. That always helps my nauseaus (I cannot for the life of me spell that word) and cramps…so, look out girl, here I come!

We all know the feelings I’m experiencing right now. I have been off track for a bit now, and the feelings pulling me away from Weight Watchers are coming at me again. I feel like I need to follow my points and exercise and drink my water…we all know all of this already. But now I am in the slump again where I start to debate low-carb just to get things rolling again and avoid the cravings. I just don’t think I can do it. I don’t feel healthy when I follow low-carb. I was watching Celebrity Fit Club 3 today (marathon of it) and the dietician on the show has a diet plan he has them all follow that is called the ‘Smash Diet’…phase 1 is nothing but fruits and veggies for the first 9 days. I think keeping my points low and getting in tons of the fruits and veggies is my key to getting back on track, so I’m going to stay faithful to my WW and do just that. Low fats and processed foods, and more fruits and veggies.

I’m finding myself not liking fruit all that much anymore. WEIRD. I always have liked fruit and despised Veggies. Now I CRAVE veggies (especially grilled veggies) and really can’t take much fruit.

I know I told you all about my new running/Lippy shoes, but here they are…they have the ’shox’ all the way across the bottom. They are sooooo comfortable. Only difference is, where these ones are green, mine are grey/silver color…

Alrighty…I’m heading to Lippy…I do believe that possibly tomorrow I will be re-starting my Biggest loser workout challenge once again…

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By Lisa
On 02.26.06
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Elizabeth Says:

I am SO HAPPY to see that you’re back! And, even happier that you’re concentrating on you again I missed you!

You know, if you are starting to pull from WW a bit, you could always mix it with what I’m doing. South Beach isn’t low carb per se. It’s just the right carbs. I can’t do a true low carb diet because of my hypoglycemia and so far, this isn’t affecting me. I dunno. I’m really fond of the plan so far. Of course, the first day of any plan is the easiest, right? LOL I’ll let you know at the end of week 1 if it’s still easy and fun!

All the information that’s in the book is here on this site also: http://www.southbeach-diet-plan.com/index.html so you can just look if you want.

HUGGGGS. I’m really happy to see you’re back!

Elizabeth Says:

Oh, and if Lippy is what you crave during your TOM, you have NOTHING to worry about LOL. Dang, I wish I had that craving. “Ouch, I feel yucky and bloated… I wanna go exercise” sounds a lot better than “WHERE’S THE CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM DAMNIT?”

Melissa Says:

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