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Wouldn’t you know it…the day after weigh in and this morning I see 249.5 again (That’s another 1 lb. loss since yesterday if you are counting…)

I am seriously attributing this past weeks loss to portion control. I know I was under a TON of stress last week, and that caused my appetite to be absolutely gone. My mom would make me stop to eat at work (she’s my boss, in case you are new here)…I don’t think I hit 20 points one day last week. One day was only 11. I’m not worried though, because it won’t last…my ‘time’ is in about a week…so we shall see.

I can tell you though that seeing as how the stress affected me so badly last week, it did get me one week of no sweets or anything and I have no craving what-so-ever for anything like that. My biggest craving right now is peanut butter. I found these awesome Quaker rice cakes (the full-sized ones, not the tiny snack ones) and they are peanut butter and chocolate chip. They are 1.5 pts. each and I have been putting 1 TBSP of peanut butter (2 pts.) on it, and that along with 1/2 cup of vegetable soup has been my lunch for probably the past 4 days at least. Something about the peanut butter also (probably the high protein content) keeps me satisfied longer. I don’t get hungry. I will seriously get home after work at night and only have used 8 points before dinner - the lunch I just mentioned and my cup of Special K redberries w/ milk in the morning. Today I’m at 9 points because I had a WW english muffin this morning with my cereal for 1 pt. Ooh the craziness my life has become. English Muffin.

I seem to have lost my humor in the past couple of posts, but let me assure you, once the stress is gone, I will feel more like my old self. Right now I guess it’s just stick to the facts…and as they are, they’re working for me!! I’m even noticing the loss in my clothes fitting right again. Add to that my constant thirst for water, eating low in my points (except for yesterday which I failed to mention I tried to eat a normal dinner last night of pork chops and saurkraut and mashed potatoes to eat a bit higher point of a day and ended up sick from the heaviness of the potatoes. I haven’t had potatoes in forever.) and exercise that has gotten in whenever I have managed, and it’s a great start to another losing week!

Lippy’s fix-her-parts STILL have yet to arrive at my house. I’m IRRITATED with Sears.com. Well, I actually ordered the parts over the phone because they will let you do a check by phone with them, and she told me it was showing an arrival date, to me, of last Friday. LAST Friday. It’s Tuesday. Far as I know they aren’t there. They shipped out on the 16th. Yeah. And I called them yet again last night and they don’t have a tracking number. It’s been 8 days since they have shipped out, and you don’t have a tracking number yet?? C’mon Sears people. Hopefull they will be there when I get home tonight and since Clint will be getting home before me, maybe he will make my day by already having her all fixed when I get there. He’s good like that

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Jenn K Says:

I did really like the elliptical but the one at the hotel was not totally functioning properly. It was stuck on one tension and it was pretty hard ROFL! Plus, some of the buttons were not working so I couldn’t change much, but the timer worked! I was REALLY HONESTLY DYING by the end of it. My legs were jello.

Melissa Says:

OOOO I loved the PB/chocolate chip rice cakes but for some reason our local store stopped selling them. Now that I am back on WW’s I will have to hunt them down. lol

Glad your stress is lifting and congrats on a terrific loss this past week. You definately worked for it.

Hugs, Mel

Kendra Says:

Hey Lisa! You are AMAZING!! I love to read your blog.

I was looking for an email address to email you privately, but I will just ask you here, .

I was wanting to start exercising. I have a few friends that have Gazelle’s, but supposively the ones they have are not recommended for over 250 lbs. and above. I was wondering what you went with. I just read previous entries and I could not find it. lol I started WW’ers last March at 330 lbs. I weigh in last Saturday at 280.4 lbs, just 0.4 ozs from 50 lbs! It has been slow and I have been up and down through the holidays. I know I can walk, but I was thinking about some equipment now. I also have the WW’ers exercise DVD. Anyways, that was what I was wanting to ask you.

Thanks for always inspiring!!!

looking for mary Says:

New to fitday started early this month, like your thinking girl keep up the good work LFM

Steph Says:


It’s been a while since I commented, but I’m still here reading. Your loss this week is awesome congrats! I hope the parts were there waiting when you got home.


Jenn K Says:

Hey girly?
How you doing this week? Did you do the “HARD” week over again or no? I’m getting so FREAKIN frustrated at the scale it’s not even funny. I can’t seem to make it go the RIGHT direction. It’s up and I’m mad. AF arrived but I hate to blame that. I guess I need to pay more attention to what I’m eating.

Jana Says:

HOWDY darlin’! Just wanted to stop in and say HI and see how you’re doing…and as usual you’re doing great! So…are you excited about the Steelers???? You better be! Miss you, and hope you’re doing great!

Lotsa hugs!

Jenn K Says:

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO?? Where is Lisa?!?!?!?!

Elizabeth Says:

Lissssaaaaa, I miss you. Where have you been? Come back!

Traci Says:

helloooo?? hope all is ok, havent heard from you in a long time now. Well, hopefully its not work that’s keeping you away from us. I really need to hear more stories of how your hair is flying-in-the-breeze as you whip through the grocery store…..lol… that makes laugh every time I re-read it.

Elizabeth Says:

Sweety, you all right?



Rose Says:

So glad I came across your site! Thanks for all your time. I am also 6 foot tall. I am 262 lbs. and hoping to reach a goal between 165 and 170 lbs. You are an inspiration!!


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