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Just in case you thought I have gone AWOL, thought I should post…

Everything is still going really good, except for the fact that Lippy’s fix-her-parts won’t be here until at least tomorrow. I’m having withdrawls big time. Can’t wait to have my girl back. I have also missed out on the past 2 nights TBL workouts. Not by choice. And the guilt is killing me. Seriously. But tonight I tackled the ‘Boot Camp’ workout on the DVD. The other night I was saying how the ’sculpting’ workout didn’t seem like a workout cuz I wasn’t out of breath, that kinda thing. Well, the Boot Camp?? COMPLETE OPPOSITE. I was DRIPPING sweaty when it was done. I pushed myself HARD tonight and really got through it all. There was only one time that I stopped 2 counts before the group was done.

I am sitting here with a glass of water that I swear weighs 20 lbs. I’m shaking so dang bad trying to drink it.

So the reason for the last 2 nights of missed workouts. Work. Stress. Long hours. Period. Not MY period, just those 3 things, period. Work has been unbelievable. I actually left there in tears yesterday. It was THAT bad. I’m not a drama queen. For me to get that stressed and upset it very unusual, and I just couldn’t do anymore. It’s all mental stress. Even today was alot but I handled it much better. The hours I have been working are long, I even missed getting Abbie off the bus yesterday because I left work so late. No I didn’t make her sit outside in the snowstorm till I got home. Luckily we have wonderful neighbors that have kids Abbie’s age and she yelled across the yard for Abbie to come over there when she got off the bus and kept her for me till I made it home. Today, Abbie stayed out of school because she’s sick, so she got to go to work with Megan and I, and I was there for another long day today. Tomorrow will be normal hopefully.

I swear mental stress is worse than anything physical. It just makes me DRAINED. One good thing I am feeling tonight though, is, working out really does relieve stress. I feel so much better now that Bob kicked my butt in Boot Camp. Damn he’s a cutie.

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By Lisa
On 01.19.06
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Elizabeth Says:

*Sigh* he is a cutie huh? With that dorky laugh. You can almost forgive him for being such a hard@ss.

I’m sorry work is so stressful lately, Lisa. Hope things calm down for you. Emotional stress is 10x worse than physical. Kinda like abuse… bruises heal, emotions eat away at you. Try staying positive (haha dontcha just hate it when people say that, but I’m serious!). Life always slows down again eventually.

Sending you hugs!

Paula F Says:

Stopped by to say ‘hey’. Bob who? I gotta get me a bootcamp tape too! LOL Sounds like life is stressful at the moment, hope you are able to get some ‘downtime’ for yourself. Hugs, Paula F

Christina Louise Says:

Have I told you lately that I love you? Cause I do … thank you for the phone call (even though I was in a meeting, you’re always so good at doing that ;) ) I’m doing much better now … I love you so much! I get my new leg in a couple of weekends, it’s at home, we’ll have to get together while I’m home and swap stories over the last month ;) Love you!

Elizabeth Says:

Lisssssaaaaaa, where arrrrre youuuuuu?

Traci Says:

Good luck getting Lippy fixed; I look foreward to your journal entries. They make me laugh.


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