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TBL Challenge ~ Week 1, day #5

R.I.P. Lippy (2005-2006)…

Well, at least until possibly next Friday. I mentioned how it was making a clunking noise. Well, the crank in the back end broke. Completely. Clint took it apart and checked it out and found it. We got the part ordered through Sears.com, but it won’t be here till Friday. If you ask me, I think Lippy is being awful dang whiny. Just cuz she’s been having to run with me everyday. She was just looking for a way out. Sorry sucka. You get your few days break, lady, but after that, you’re MINE.

I blame Clint. She ran just fine for me till he had to start trying her out. She was loyal to ME. Not some sweaty stinky man. MEN. Either way, I have to figure out a way to burn over 500 calories per day now without her. I’m scared. I rely on her, as she allows me to burn calories so quickly.

I guess I should mention here, for those of you who are new, Lippy is my elliptical trainer. Lippy for short. I had someone comment last week sometime that they didn’t know what Lippy was, and thought it was one of my kids at first Nope…she’s my butt kickin’ elliptical.

I updated my challenge chart with yesterday as my rest day and the Strength & Sculpt workout today I love the sculpt one for sure, not many lunges at all…thing is, especially now without Lippy, I don’t feel like I got as good of a workout. Only because it’s not an aerobic workout. It’s strength training with weights. I know that doing the low-intensity workout the other days is plenty every week, but I don’t feel like I really worked out good enough unless I’m catching my breath and sweating.

Clint got called into work tonight. I got all changed and ready for him to take my pictures, and he had to leave. Abbie tried her hardest to do it for me, but they are too far away/missing my head/missing my body/too dark…that kind of thing in all of them…so tomorrow, that’s my objective. PICTURES. Mind you, they won’t be posted here until after the 6 week challenge is over and there is a picture to compare it to to show what the 6 weeks did for me, but I need them taken. Jenn sent me hers confidentially already. Hmmm…wonder if I could do a little blackmail??? Whatcha got Jenn???? Muwahahaha….

Here’s to hoping the Lippy-fix-her-parts come sooner than next Friday.

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Elizabeth Says:

Awwww, Lippy’s ill this week? That sucks. I bet it just breaks your heart. I know how they become part of the family pretty quickly. It killed me giving up my gazelle when I moved to Hawaii and back. But, alas… she has a new home with a former friend *sigh* Yeah, one of THOSE former friends. I’m sorry, Gazelle

ashley Says:

Yeah, I’m a ditz that way. ;-)

Teena Says:

Poor Lippy!! I hope she’s better soon.

I joined a new gym this week (women’s only) and they have tons of elliptical machines. I hadn’t really used one before ~ probably because the ones I’ve had available to be were crap! They are really good at this new gym and I’m enjoying them.

angela Says:

hie I just found your website this am. I really need to lose some weight. I am about 200 right now And would love to lose 60 pounds. I am 43. I turn 44 in March. I really have a hard time starting something and then not finishing it. Like I have started I don’t know how many diets. maybe you can inspire me to keep on. thanks. also congrats on what you have accomplished. you go girl.


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